Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sissy Heaven


  1. il bel padrone e la padrona oggi sono in forma ed hanno voglia di strasgredire ed allora invitano anche me la loro maid-trav a partecipare come dama delle pulizie così loro possono farlo anche da vestiti perchè pensa a tutto la mia vogliosa lingua a lavare e raccogliere ogni piccola o grande goccia che cade...!! bellissima scena !!! grazie baci baci baci

  2. If I'm a very good Sissy I hope that I get to go there!!!!

  3. This is a perfect picture to me!! If you don't mind I'm gonna repost it on my blog. I'd love to suck and lick at the pussy/cock juntion. Of course you would have to pull the cock out and suck the pussy juice off and maybe he will fuck her ass and you get some ass to mouth. Also, I love bras. You can see her bra straps. I think there is nothing more femmie than a bra. My blog is, "Sissy: I Love Bras". I wear a bra everday and have over fifty of them. I can't get enough. Steph (Sissybra)

    1. You may repost Stephanie. Please give credit with a link to my blog?

      Thank you,