Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Face Can't Lie

It was the first time sissy’s wife moved from teasing her recently feminized sissy husband that she was going to let a Real Man fuck her, to actually letting a Real Man fuck her. But as sissy could tell from her wife’s face as she was touched in places sissy had never reached before, sissy knew it would not be the last time she would have to watch her wife be pleased by a Real Man.


  1. Real men reach places and do things we can't. By the same token, we do things in places they won't.

    Love You


  2. guardare le nostre mogli le nostre fidanzate essere sbattute con tanta foga per la gioia dei loro sensi a me piace anzi mi metterei li sotto a leccare tutto uomo e donna e mi prenderei la mia parte di umori saporiti e caldi sia della donna che del l'uomo !!! bellissima immagine molto arrapante !! baci baci baci