Monday, August 13, 2012

Cheerleader Takes Control

The morning after the life changing, relationship shifting, night, when my cheerleader made me suck a dildo for her, and then swallow my own cum, was interesting, to say the least. (See Post dated July 29, 2012, "Cheerleader Discovers Sissy")  I was, despite the excitement I felt the night before when my cheerleader was giving me one of my fantasies, embarrassed.  I found it very difficult to look her in the eye.  And yet, it seemed that she wanted very much to look me in the eye.  It was as if she knew, and understood, that now that she’d “allowed” me to go down that road, it was going to be a test for me to see where we’d go with it, because she realized that I would be filled with conflict.  And she was so right.  I was filled with conflict.  I loved what happened the night before.  And I loved it even more that my wife had been the one to initiate and take control.  Until then, I’d been trying to coax her along into accepting my feminine persona.  And although I was happy at her shift, I was also frightened because of the feeling of losing control.
She seemed to be looking at me in a new and different way all day the next day.  And yet, she seemed intent on not discussing what happened.  For all intents and purposes, we went on with our normal lives.  But there was a tension between us.  What would happen next?  I didn’t know.  And I wasn’t certain that she did either.  And for the entire next week, we went on with our day-to-day activities.  I began to think that perhaps what she did the weekend before was a one-time thing, and that she wasn’t comfortable initiating something like that again.

The following Saturday evening, we went to a movie.  Nothing had been said about the week before.  The silence was killing me.  It seemed that my wife was thinking about it though, just from the looks she gave me.  It was as if she was sizing me up.  Constantly apprising me.  But no discussion ensued.  On the way home from the movie, just as we turned into our neighborhood, my wife asked, “Do you want to play tonight baby?”  I looked at her, as if asking, ‘What do you mean?’  She smiled at me and said.  “You know, like last weekend?”  I felt my stomach doing flips as the immediate excitement began to course through me.  I had no time to think it over.  I asked if she really wanted to, and she nodded.  I didn’t think on it any longer.  I told her I did.  She just said, “Good.  You can go get ready when we get home.  I’ll join you in a few minutes.”
I wondered why she wanted me to get ready for her.  And it hit me that she didn’t want to watch me dress.  She wanted to find me dressed.  Dressed and ready for her.  I went straight to our room and began sorting through my clothes, to find something to wear.  I settled on a Miss Elaine nightgown that was one of my favorites, along with a garter, tan colored stockings, and a matching white bra and French cut panties.  I assumed she would want the large dildo again.  So I laid it beside the bed where she’d be able to see that I'd thought of it.  I then climbed into bed to wait for her.
Soon, I heard her climbing the stairs.  When she entered the bedroom, she immediately turned off the light.  She smiled at me and said she’d be ready in a minute.  Then, glancing at the large dildo lying on our nightstand, and as she went inside of her dressing area, she told me to get the double-ended dildo that I’d used a few times with her.  When she left the room, I clambered out of bed and went to retrieve the double-ended dildo, wondering why she was so specific about it.  I quickly returned to bed and got back under the covers.  It’s weird, I know.  But there I was, dressed up in women’s lingerie, wearing DDD breast forms, and waiting for my wife to join me for femmy sex.  And yet, I wanted to be under the covers, where she couldn’t get a direct view of me dressed as I was.  I was so excited, and so embarrassed, at the same time.
When my wife returned to bed, she was wearing a black babydoll.  She looked amazing.  So sexy.  So beautiful.  Like only a woman can.  She paused a moment to let me look at her.  I told her she looked fantastic.  She smiled and told me she was glad that I thought so.  She then grabbed the covers and pulled them off of me, revealing me so that she could get a good look at me.  She threw them to the bottom of the bed, and crawled in next to me.  She was on to me.  She wasn’t going to let me hide under the sheets.  So we were lying in bed together, me wearing a pink woman’s nightgown, stockings, and a matching bra and panty set, and my wife wearing a cute little babydoll and nothing else.  She immediately pulled me close to her and kissed me.  Our breasts pressed firmly together.  She seemed to like it.  I know I did.  Then she teased me, commenting on the size of my breast forms.  I remember her saying, “You really went all out on your boobies baby.  I like them.”  Again, completely unprepared for her being so vocal and nonchalant in discussing my dressing, I mumbled, “Thanks,” in response.
She began kissing me and touching me, and I responded in kind.  We petted for a good little while.  After a while, she asked if I wanted to suck cock for her again.  I figured we were going to repeat what we’d done the previous weekend.  I answered yes.  She then told me to get the double-ended dildo.  I did and she told me to stick in inside of her.  She was already very wet, so it slid in easily.  I began fucking her with it, and she seemed to like it a lot.  After I slid it in and out of her a while she asked if I was going to suck it.  I said okay.  She then told me she wanted me on my knees, between her legs.  It hit me then.  She wanted me to suck the cock, as if it was her cock.  She wanted to watch me give her a blowjob!  I couldn’t believe this was my cheerleader.  I never thought she could be so bold.  And I didn’t want to disappoint her.  And so, as she asked, I positioned myself between her thighs, the dildo extending out of her pussy.  I leaned down and slid my lips around the tip and began licking it.  I glanced at her and could see her intently watching me.  I slid it further into my mouth.  She seemed amazed at what I was doing.  I bobbed my head down on the cock.  She began sighing and moaning, as my bobbing created pressure on the other end of the cock inside of her.
I began to lose myself in the act, and began getting into it.  I slurped.  I sucked.  I moaned to show how much I loved sucking the cock.  And I was really getting off on it extending out of my wife’s pussy, like I was sucking a cock.  Then, she began verbalizing.  She told me to suck her cock.  She told me I was such a good cocksucker.  A natural.  That she loved watching my mouth full of cock.  Then she said, “I bet you wish it was real, don’t you?”  I stopped.  “Don’t you,” she said forcefully.  I didn’t know what to say.  I nodded my head.  “Yeah.  I thought so," she said.  "You’re a sissy.  Sissies like to suck cock.”   
She’d said it again.  She called me a sissy.  My wife was calling me a sissy.  She had been reading up on people like me.  She knew what she was doing.  And she was taking control.  Then she told me to keep sucking the cock.  She wanted me to suck it like I was getting it ready to fuck her.  Then, as I sucked it, she began asking if I wanted her to get fucked by a big, fat cock.  Did I want to suck a cock for her to get fucked with?  I would let the cock out of my mouth just long enough to tell her I did.  And that only seemed to get her more excited.   
Finally, she told me to turn around.  She wanted to suck my cock too.  And so, I was on top of her, bobbing up and down on her cock, while she sucked mine.  Soon, I was about to have an orgasm.  She must have known, because just when I reached my peak she pulled my penis out of her mouth, pointed it toward her breasts, and began directing my ejaculation toward them, covering her breasts with my cum.  I was fucking in heaven.  The sex we had that night was amazing.  And the best part was her acceptance of my kink.   
After we each orgasmed, she told me to turn around and take the cock out of her.  Then, she said, “I want you to lick it off of me baby.”  I looked at her to see if she was serious.  She eyed me a moment.  “From now on, you clean up your cum with your mouth.  It’s what sissies do.”  I could see that this was a moment for her.  I knew that it was ‘fish or cut bait’ time.  And so I leaned over her and licked a long stroke across her breast, coating my tongue with sperm as I did.  I began licking and sucking and found that I not only didn’t mind the taste, but that I liked it. And for my wife’s part, she watched me the entire time I did so.  She was getting off on it.  My prim and proper cheerleader was transforming before my eyes, and taking me with her.  I didn’t exactly know it then, but the truth was, there was no turning back from this.  We had turned a corner.  What I didn’t know was how far she would take it.


  1. Wow, what a great story. And what a fun wife.

  2. Great story, I enjoyed it a lot. I would kill to be in your place.