Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sissy Consequences

I knew that I was in trouble.  The moment it happened I regretted it.  And yet, I didn’t.  I soon would though. 

Earlier, I was fluffing my wife’s lover.  For her.  For her.  Not for me.  For her.  She watched from the bed.  As she usually did.  She liked to watch my sissy lips caress the man who was lucky enough to enter her pussy. 

I should have known.  Tonight, of all nights, I should have known better.  That this was the wrong night to lose control. 

My wife hadn’t had a man all week.  She was horny.  We’d spent a long time getting her ready for tonight.  Making her look sexy and desirable.  Not a difficult task. 

But then I fluffed him just a little too long.  A little too well.  I lost control.  Right before he did.  I went too far.  The moment his sperm found my lips and I heard my wife sigh from our bed, I knew there was going to be hell to pay. 

And she was about to collect.


  1. Don't worry, by the time she's done punishing you, he'll be ready to go and he'll last even longer when he fucks her.

  2. Love it! Wish it were me!

  3. Interesting, my most recurring fantacy is sucking off my ex's husband and getting Him hard again so that He can fuck Her even longer. Then She would sit on my face, feeding me His 2nd load while He fucks me and they alternately kiss and mock me. This is the ex i credit giving me my sissy cuckold desires. She constantly teased and denied me and delighted in telling me how much bigger and better He was than me. She also told me that She wanted to see me with other men, unfortunately i thought She was kidding. If only i knew then what i know now.