Thursday, August 9, 2012


Thirty seconds!  Less than thirty seconds!  She was counting down out loud damn it!  I couldn’t concentrate!  and I could only touch myself the way a woman would touch herself.  Fuck!  I’d been let out of chastity for one and a half minutes after thirty days of being locked up!  Three, two, one… Fuuuuccckkkk!

“Okay sissy.  Stop.  Nowww!” my wife yelled at me as I tried desperately to reach orgasm.  “You just earned an extra week there missy,” she said as I began crying, knowing I deserved it.

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  1. oh no. Got to love cruel women like that! i've been hooked since an ex used to tease and deny me then forbid me to masturbate. i really miss Lisa and wish i knew then what i know now.