Thursday, August 2, 2012

Forbidden Fruit

Ever since she feminized me, my wife was constantly feeding me some form of fruit - forbidden and otherwise.


  1. I am Mr. Mystery, no-one knows the "real" me,
    but I'll give you a few hints. I'm 5ft. 8ins. in height, extremely strong, with an I.Q. of 135, take everything seriously, but am courteous and poliite towards all women worthy
    of respect. I love the "Forbidden Fruit" photo, Leanne. It's very sexy without being pornographic. Does your wife ever let you have sexual relations with her for being a good little sissy?

    1. Dear Mr. Mystery,

      If by "sexual relations," you mean fucking, then it rarely has to do with whether I am a "good little sissy." Sometimes, if she is in a special mood, she will permit that. But mostly, she prefers having "sexual relations" with men. But, that does not mean that being a "good little sissy" does not result in positive rewards. Thanks for treating women with respect and for reading my blog.