Friday, August 3, 2012


Oh!  Fuck!  Me!  I know I've talked about my wife, the cheerleader who I fell in love with.  But this cheerleader, in my sissy fantasy mind, this is me.


  1. have you seen the clip of the cheerleader (looks like the same outfit) that is getting throat fucked? DEEP?! You can see her throat bulge over and over... its a great gif!

  2. wow, that is hot, xxxx

    nicolette post the clip for us xxx

  3. Omg, Leeanne! Yes, funny when you realize you're in a different place now.
    Like me, hoping my wife will "finger" me when we're lying in bed, lol!
    But this, with your wife's background too.. Sweet!
    hug, Sar