Monday, January 20, 2014

Discipline Administration At The Vera Wang Institute For Male Modification - a/k/a "Sissy School"

One of the interesting things that sissies who were students at Sissy School learned very quickly was that the sissies would be called upon to discipline other sissies who violated Institute rules.  And to really torment the sissies, usually a sissy who "earned" a spanking was spanked by her best friend.  At first, Sissy Leeanne found it difficult to always have to spank her best friend, who was constantly getting into some sort of trouble.  But after a while, Leeanne realized that Sissy Kaaren only did bad things so she would be spanked by her best friend, so she really got into the task.  


  1. Oh my Leeanne...don't spank me harder! Don't bring tour hand down on my red ass Harder...I don't think you could possibly spank me HARDER...not any HARDER!!! HARDER!!!! oh my god I know they're forcing you to spank me HARDER NOW! I know I've been so bad Leeanne and I deserve it HARDER!!! HARDER AND MORE!!!!! IT'S THE ONLY WAY I'LL LEARN!!!!

    1. You do realize, don't you Kaaren, that if I spank you harder and you cum on teacher's desk, that she'll make me spank you again? Heaven forbid, she might make you discipline me for causing you to cum. And I wouldn't like that. Much



    2. Hmmmm let's see if I can work this out with Sissy Math!
      Harder Spanking = Cumming + More Spanking = Sweet Leeanne's cute little ass getting warmed a little + helping her soothe it later with soft caresses and cooling kisses....
      When I add it all up it seems like a perfect equation to me!!!

    3. Maybe you're paying attention in class after all Kaaren dear.