Friday, January 3, 2014

How My Cheerleader Vets Men

In this post, I am getting a little bit ahead of telling the details of my journey to becoming a sissy with my cheerleader.  Up to now, everything I have described has been, for the most part, in chronological order of how things occurred.  However, in the Comment section of a recent post, "Thinking About Saragirl And Emily (And Jeff)," Dee Mentia, of "Dee-lusions of Grandeur" fame, asked me to describe the vetting process that my cheerleader and I use in deciding who the men are who we will permit inside of our little cuckold world that has developed as part of our marriage.  This is a fair question, and although the answer I am about to give will reveal something about future installments of my journaling of my sissy progression, Dee's question coincides with the very next post about my sissy journey and I think it makes sense to address her inquiry now.
In short, my cheerleader decides who the men are who she will have sex with.  I actually don't have anything to say about it - except in this sense - the two if us are in complete agreement that we don't want anyone entering our lives that we don't have a comfort level with in terms of whether the man my cheerleader chooses will be someone who will not respect our privacy.  And by privacy, I mean that we don't want to share with the world our lifestyle - including that my cheerleader fucks other men or that I am a sissy.  Are there risks involved?  Of course, once we ventured down this path we assumed risks of disclosure.  However, I trust the judgment of my cheerleader, and I know that if she ever seemed to be taking an unreasonable risk in her choice of a man, she would respect me enough that if I voiced an objection or a concern, she would back off.
The other thing I should mention is that, while we have come a long way, we are still very private and in no way are we way out there in the sense of openly and publicly sharing our private lives.  The men she chooses are made to understand by my cheerleader that we want what we have to remain very private and secret.  And so far, I am confident that the men involved have honored that request.


  1. Hi Leeanne
    I have always loved the images you select for your blog, but written pieces like this deserve comment.

    There is a general lack of well considered writing about the need for sissies to express femininity whilst maintaining privacy within an intimate relationship. Pieces such as yours are of great assistance to those who are confused about their feelings whilst being overwhelmed by the need to resolve the desire to be feminine with the social requirement to present a conventional face to the world.

    Keep writing.


  2. Hi Leeanne,
    I've so enjoyed reading all your blogs and the development in your relationship with Cheerleader. I empathise so much with your feelings.

    I'm also a life long sissy, but my wife does not know, although she occasionally says I'm quite effeminate. I cannot tell her as I fear I'd lose her, which I could not bear , but I don't think she'd understand or accept.

    I work from home, and can dress whenever I can. Through a web chatline for tvs etc I chat to others like me and also guys who like girls like me. I've now met a few guys, sucked cock and had full sex with a few. I cannot deny who/what I am, but fear for the future.

    Love Tanya xxxxx