Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Well Dressed Sissy

Her wife understands the importance of color coordination.


  1. Cuckolds find themselves in similar predicaments!


  2. Subbies too have hvae this thing with pink. Quite a few years ago before I found TS Ladys, I visited a ProDom woman. I explained to her my foot fetish, oral fixation, etc, before our appointment.

    During my visit she had me:

    Wash all of her panties and stockings by hand in a sink (on my knees).

    She had me on a leash and made me crawl around her house, stopping at various times and ordering me to kiss the toe of her shoes.

    Lay under her kitchen table while her and another Dom woman drank coffee and chatted.

    Comb her hair (100 strokes).

    Polish her toe nails.

    Fully worship her ass and feet.

    Lick her dildo, so she could play with herself (3 or 4 times she pulled it out and told me it was "dry", so I had to suck it again).

    Kneel before her and jerk off into my hand, and then lick it up.

    AND here's the kicker, the whole time I was wearing a pair of pink panties. It was a very interesting evening?

    That was the only time I wore lady's panties, and they were PINK.


    1. I'm so glad you find me interesting, because I feel the same about you and the lifestyle. I'd love to someday, sit and talk, because I thing it's wonderful the way you and the Cheerleader live. Just like with Sara and Emily.

  3. very interesting bondage.. really cute....

  4. I so want to enter the lifestyle but haven't a clue where to begin