Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Be Used In this Manner Should Be Every Sissy's Dream


  1. I prefer to exert a little effort but if the nice man is willing to just feed his big cock to me I'm OK with that too!!!!

  2. Leeanne,

    NICE! I enjoy when a TS lady fucks my mouth, like I'm some cheap street whore. This video clip is great because I CAN do this. MY big issue is if this, if a TS Lady with a cock this size really went to town on my mouth, I couldn't handle it. This cock is too damn big!

    I wish I were a better cocksucker, but I can only handle about 5 to 6 inches, when they are 7 inches or larger I gag, and it distracts my partners from the service I am trying to give them (A world class blow job).

    Now that I've said this I have a few questions for the sissies who are your followers (you included, please):

    Do you prefer big thick cocks, or smaller thinner cocks?
    Do you have a preference, cut or uncut?
    Do you like to be the more active player or do you want to be "used", like in this video?
    Last question, how big is your cock?

    I will gladly answer all these question about myself (You ladies know from my comments, I don't hide from the truth I state it), if you are willing to answer them as well.

    So C'mon sissies tell me a little about you?


  3. It's not the size or the other things you mentioned. It's the stiffness of it.

    How big am I? Oh, that's the real irony of it all. I'm 8 1/2, although I think it may be shrinking. Well, that's for the few times it even gets stiff any more.