Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Oh My God! You're Actually Sucking His Cum Out Of My Pussy! Oh Fuck! That Is So Hot Sissy!"


  1. This is one of the hottest moments after I have seen my partner make love to her lover....mmmmm

  2. Doing our part to make her the happiest woman on earth!!

  3. Leeanne,

    Did the Cheerleader react this way with you? Or did she watch you suck it right from the source the first time?

    Also let's be honest don't all sissies want to become cum sluts? As a subbie I will say, I know I do! The only difference I think between me and you wonderful sissies, is the source of our cum supply.

    I like mine from a "she" cock (like you ladies have), from a TS lady who is a Dom, or from between the legs of a lady who has been with a TS Lady. I don't suck man cock, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE she cock!!!


    1. One of her biggest turn ons is that I do this for her. She absolutely loves it!

  4. I agree that as i have progressed in my own feminization as a sissy i am more than happy to be a cum slut. i am a proud eater of my own sissy cream whenever i am permitted release. It seems the only proper place for it is in my mouth and i savor it. it would be so hot to be be the sissy in this picture, serving her without reservation and earning a taste of cum in the process.