Monday, March 17, 2014

Ah! The Anticipation of the First Drip of Her Lover's Cum!


  1. Leeanne,

    You know I'm still waiting to hear from you, Sara and Kaaren about which cum is the sweetest....cum from a man or cum from a pussy?

    Is it better direct from the cock or do you ladies like it more if it's leaking out of a pussy?

    For me it's a major problem, I want it from the cock, but only if the cock is attached to a lady, and in the small town where I live there aren't a lot of "special" ladies visiting.

    So now I'm wondering should I get my ManCandy from inside of a female? That might be easier to come by.

    So tell me the truth which tastes better from him or from her???


    1. While I will take cum from where my wife wants me to, there is no question for me - I prefer it out of her.