Saturday, March 22, 2014

"If You Think You Like My Finger In There Sissy?"

"Just wait until my boyfriend slides his cock inside you."


  1. A finger feels so big until the real thing comes along!!!!

  2. I love a finger in my ass, especially when I'm sucking cock. I like to get into a 69 position and have my lady stick her finger in my little sweet spot.

    I hold off as best I can in this position, because I want her to stick her cock in too. The problem is, I can only handle small cocks, I think that might be why I love you sissy girls???

    Rumour is most of you have petite little cockette's, that a subbie can take without much pain. So ladys is the rumour true, are you tiny?


  3. I'm SURE that I will LOVE IT !! =D
    @ Joe answer to your question.....I AM.....when soft, I'm about 1-1/2 inches (maybe 2, at most). =D

  4. Alana, PERFECT! When you get hard do you blossom to 4" or 5"?

    1. That's affirmative......but it (getting firm) usually happens only when I'm being penetrated. ;-)