Monday, March 3, 2014

These Two Sissies Are Lucky. Their Wives Regularly Permit Them Make Out Sessions.

With a twist.  Of course.


  1. Leeanne,

    This little video clip reminded me of something.....have you ever noticed when you're kneeling in front of a hard circumcised cock, the head looks like a little heart? When I’ve had the pleasure of a lady kneeling on top of me as I lie on my back, I look at the head of her cock and it looks just like a heart!

    I’ve wondered to myself, does it truly look that way or is it my imagination, because I love to suck those cocks? Is it an illusion because I need that cock head in my mouth, or is it real and maybe it's a way to trick me into THINKING I love it? Either wya the minute I see that heart shaped head, I just have to suck it!

    Look closely at this clip and you might see the heart shape; if you see it, it might be because you are a cocksucker!

    Ladies, have you ever noticed this? Do you think that lovely shape creates even more appeal for you? I'd love to know what you other cocksuckers think?????


    1. I never noticed it before Joe, but I see it. A heart. How sweet!

  2. They are sweet, aren't they! AND they have a creamy inside!

  3. Looks like an EXTREMELY FUN make-out session, to me.....Mmm Yummy !! =D

  4. as I was looking at just jumped out at me..

  5. Oh Leeanne.....if only my wife would.....