Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sissy Sucks Enthusiastically Now

When her wife first began bringing home well hung black men to fuck, her sissy husband was intimidated by them.  Now, while she is still intimidated by them, she looks forward to fluffing their cocks for her wife, as this scene reveals.


  1. There is certainly good reason to be intimidated. That is a big cock. But i guess one thing about being a sissy is you do what you are told to do. With the right sissy mind set you take pride and pleasure in doing it well - and soon enough the cravings take full hold.

    1. I agree as well, but can also understand why sissy LOOKS FORWARD to fluffing them up.......deriving pleasure by preparing the men for her mistress PLUS the enjoyment of taking those luscious cocks into her mouth......Yummy !!! =D

  2. Halfway down the shaft you realize that you probably can't go any further! So big it fills your mouth completely! As you suck him you try to imagine how your wife feels when she takes him inside her! It must be glorious!!!