Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Initiation

It began with just two wives in the exclusive, upscale neighborhood, who feminized their husbands to help get them under control from their philandering ways.  Then, as word spread, more neighborhood women wanted to get in on it.  Thus was the beginning of the systematic feminization of all of the men in the neighborhood, all culminating with the monthly initiation ceremony where the wives would take turns in front of everyone with the new sissies.  Was it meant to be humiliating?  Of course!  But it was also a very moving experience for all involved, especially the new sissies who learned for the first time that they were not alone.  Friendships that, heretofor, were limited to mutual business interests, blossomed as the husbands learned they had so much more in common with their "former" golfing buddies.


  1. Wouldn't that be wonderful! We need more wives who want to feminize their husbands. Feminized men make the best husbands, knowing they want to serve, increasingly enjoying feminine ways of being and being liberated from the burden of having to act like men. Perhaps some hormone filled treats for all the men at the gatherings would be a nice touch to help things along.

    1. Excellent suggestion Miss Lynch! A gold star and a kiss for you!