Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Fall To Grace - Chapter 21 - Just Posted

I've just posted on Fictionmania a new chapter to my story being shown there - My Fall To Grace - Chapter 21
Grace Andrews is a beautiful, confident, successful woman. She could have any man she wanted. She chose Dan Thompson, a successful Washington, D.C. attorney. This second story of mine, that will be released in installments, chronicles their relationship as it grows and flourishes, developing into something perhaps neither one could have envisioned the first night they met in a D.C. bar. In this episode, Grace and Dan's mother's meet each other as they celebrate their engagement.  I hope readers enjoy my effort. Readers Note: This is a long story.  I'll keep installments coming.  I love getting reader feedback.

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  1. Dear Leeanne, just to give you a kiss. I will read the story, then comment.
    The photo is a sweet dream
    Your blog continues to be very good.