Monday, April 3, 2017

Opening Day and An Explanation

It's Opening Day for baseball everyone!  Yay!

I also owe everyone an explanation.  I know I have been absent on this blog.  The trip to Mexico was, to say the least, a major event in my cheerleader's and my life.  I don't think either of us properly calculated how much it would affect us, especially the last full day and our departure day, which I have not posted about yet.  Duh!  I have written about it though.  However, once my cheerleader read what I'd written, she realized how she might feel if I published it on the Internet and stopped me.  As she explained it to me, it was one thing for me to experience what I did, but it was altogether different for me to share it with the world, even if anonymously.  Whether I ever post it will depend upon her.  She is visiting her quarterback this weekend and I expect they will hash it out then.  He wants me to  post it.  But it is, ultimately, her decision.  Overall, things are still good between us.  We did have a bump or two right after the trip.  And I probably should have posted something explaining the lack of a  finishing post for the Mexico trip before now.  I just haven't been in the right frame of mind though given what was going on.  I hope everyone will understand.  Now, let's enjoy some baseball?