Friday, May 31, 2013

Which One Is The Sissy?

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 130 - For bigbob13

Aaaaahhhh!  Puppy!  So cute!  Makes me think of:
That's right!  Doggy style!  And bigbob is sure living up to his name.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Thank you bigbob!  For following me too.

Such A Magical Moment

When your wife drops her panties after she's been out with her boss for the evening.  Sissy knows there will be something wet and sticky waiting inside.

Sissy Expressions

This sissy's body has come along nicely.  Such sweet and soft curves.  But it is obvious that she has taken to her true nature quite well, including her sexy "come hither" look she has perfected.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Not A Choice Sissy. It's Mandatory.

The Audience

Sissy was expected to fluff her wife's lover's cock for her.  But sometimes she wondered whether it was the being fucked she liked so much, or watching her sissy husband suck cock.  She always positioned herself so that she could see how much her sissy seemed to enjoy sucking the many cocks she brought home.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

She's Not Leaving Much To His Imagination

Nor is she leaving much doubt as to what her intentions are for her boss tonight.  He's coming over for dinner, and my wife has already told me she hopes to lure him to our bedroom.  Given the dress she's chosen to wear, I don't think she's going to have to beat him over the head for him to get the message.

The Back Story

This sissy is being rewarded right now.  She's being permitted to masturbate onto her Mistress' high heels, and will be allowed (well, expected) to lick them clean as well.  But the real story is what she had to do earn her reward.  Her Mistress entertained a dozen of her most valued clients this weekend.  Sissy provided maid service for the guests.  And if you have to ask what are the duties of sissy maid service for wealthy men with a penchant for sissies, then perhaps you need to sign up for training with this Mistress.  She'll gladly teach you.

Sissy Attendants - A Dime A Dozen?

Cecelia never wanted for anything as a girl.  Her father was wealthy and they belonged to the local aristocracy.  When her parents died in a plane crash, she inherited more money than she could possibly spend in her lifetime.  Business didn't interest Cecelia, so she left managing her father's empire to his trusted managers.  No, what interested Cecelia was the pleasures of the flesh.  And when it came to such pleasures, there were more than enough handsome male suitors who flung themselves at Cecelia's feet in the hope that they would become the "chosen one."  But Cecelia knew that she would always be able to find a man to provide her the carnal pleasures she craved - a hard cock filling her delicious, tight pussy, and so marriage was not part of her plan, although letting an unsuspecting lover think it might be so did not hurt her ultimate goal.  And what was that?  Finding those special male lovers who were suitable in body type and temperament to be slowly transformed into one of a household full of sissy attendants to see to Cecelia's constant need for pampering and physical attention.  It was amazing how easy some men were to mold to her desires.

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cheerleader Teases Sissy

[NOTE - Anyone who is just beginning to read my blog, might want to read the following early entries in my blog about my sissy journey before reading this latest entry: A Little More Background - Am I Sure I Should Do This? - I'm Afraid - These - Where It All Started - Then, These - Miss Flo - Caught For The First Time - About My Last Post - Bikini Panties!!! - A Virgin Bride (And Groom) - Exhausted Sissy Needs Stress Relief! - Sissy Marries Cheerleader - Sissy Makes Life With Cheerleader - Cheerleader Discovers Sissy - Cheerleader Accepts Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Grow - Cheerleader Asserts Control.  These are the previous posts that tell the story about my sissy journey.]
I've been thinking a lot lately about how I can continue describing the next phase of my sissy journey with my cheerleader.  I was, to say the least, thrown off balance by the way my cheerleader seemed to be responding to my sissiness in our bedroom.  Those who have read the entire story of my sissy journey may recall that when I first introduced the idea of me wearing panties during our lovemaking, my cheerleader was not exactly jumping for joy to learn that her husband liked wearing women's lingerie.  (I tell about this in Sissy Makes Life With Cheerleader.) 
On the other hand, my cheerleader, as good of a girl as she was, did enjoy some of the things I introduced to our lovemaking, such as me fucking her with large, cock-shaped dildos.  But the way she had suddenly begun behaving in our bedroom, seemingly taking control of things, making me clean my sperm from her pussy, and otherwise showing a bit of a dominant streak in that area of our lives, was something I would never have predicted of her.  Thus, I was confused.  While I was enjoying what we doing, I had not considered how I would feel if my cheerleader began exerting control.  At the same time, we didn't sit down and discuss what was happening either.  It just seemed to happen, and in between, things seemed as normal as ever - mostly.  I say mostly, because there were little things that she would do to kind of tease me sometimes, especially when she knew that I was wearing panties when we were out with friends, where she and I would know what she meant, but others might not.  And then later, in bed, she would laugh about doing it to me, taking pleasure, in a fun, playful way, with what she was doing.  I didn't mind either.  It was fun.  Plus, I loved my cheerleader so much, and appreciated so much that she was letting me be more and more open with my feminine side, that I felt like I would do anything for her.
This phase of our life together, just after our last child went off to college, lasted a few years.  And during this time, our day to day lives continued on pretty much the same, except that slowly, at first, I began wearing lingerie more openly.  And by openly, I mean with the complete awareness of my cheerleader, whereas for the longest time before I wore panties under my male clothes without letting her know about it.  But it seemed that the more we did in the bedroom, the more accepting she became of my love of wearing women's lingerie, and she didn't seem to mind so much.  I think she even liked being able to see me dressed in feminine underthings.  I can't explain it, but she seemed to be enjoying me that way.  Over time though, a few things happened that made me more fully realize how much of a shift had occurred in my cheerleader's mindset.
The first thing I'm going to tell about happened in a very odd way.  At least, it seems to me that it did.  As I'd begun wearing panties more regularly, keeping them clean became more of an effort.  Before my cheerleader was openly aware of me wearing panties, or whatever, I would sneak wash them when I was alone at our home for a few hours.  But now, she was aware that I was wearing lingerie, and one Saturday morning she just came out and asked me how I was keeping my panties clean.  To be honest, I was embarrassed to be asked so matter of factly, and even more embarrassed to have to explain it to her.  This is what I mean about me being thrown off balance by how she was responding to me wearing women's lingerie.  I had introduced the idea of me wearing panties, and she seemed uncomfortable at first, and thus we didn't discuss it.  Now, she was openly asking me about how I cared for my delicates.  When I told her I was washing them in the washing machine, she gave me this funny look, like, that is not right, and then told me that was not the way to wash them.  She told me my lingerie was too nice to not hand wash, and that I should begin doing so.  The next thing I knew, my cheerleader had me retrieve my dirty lingerie and bring it to our laundry room where she showed me how it should be done, and then stood behind me to observe me, making sure I was doing it correctly.  After telling me that I should do it this way from now on, she left me to my task, washing my dirty panties.  Well, if that wasn't embarrassing enough, when she returned a few minutes later with her own dirty lingerie, leaving it with me to wash also, I felt so, well, at a loss of control.  My cheerleader was now expecting me to wash her dirty panties along with mine.  And guess what?  I did it.  And continue to do so to this day.  It is simply expected and understood that I will care for each of our undies, including folding them in a very specific way for her.
The other thing that happened took place in our bedroom.  Our lovemaking sessions with me dressed completely en femme, sans wig, began occurring regularly.  And they began to always include me sucking a large cock as I "prepared" it for her, and always ended with me cleaning up my sperm, wherever my cheerleader had me deposit it.  It did not matter whether she had me ejaculate on her breasts, inside of her, or even outside of her pussy, she expected me to clean all of it up.  Her obsession with me cleaning her pussy or simply swallowing my own sperm confused me because I would not have thought that was something she would like so much.  But when I was doing it, and was in a position to observe her reaction, I could see just how entranced she was by watching me.  Additionally, as things progressed, my cheerleader became more vocal during our lovemaking.  And this was what I would say was a crucial shift.  
For example, I'd be sucking the cock-shaped dildo for her and she'd say things like, "I love watching you suck that dick," or, "You love sucking that cock, don't you?," and she'd expect me to reply, to which I would admit, of course, that I did.  More and more, when we were making love, she would engage me doing sissy things, encouraging me to submit more and more, all the while her letting me know that she was enjoying what I was doing.  Other examples of things said to me by my cheerleader as I succumbed to her desires were, "I wish that cock would cum in your mouth.  Don't you?," "Get it big and hard for your wife sweetie.  I want a big, hard cock!," and "I think you like getting that cock ready for me.  Don't you?"  I began falling under her spell more than perhaps I ever had.  In my sissy mind, I fantasized doing all of those things for her.  But, I always thought it was fantasy and nothing more.  It was fun, and it was obvious that she was enjoying it as well.
Then, one night, she began humanizing what we were doing.  Instead of just referring to me sucking the dildo for her, she would say things like, "I wonder if George's cock is that big?"  George was the husband of one of her best friends.  He was tall and handsome, and a very well built man.  He and my cheerleader really got along well.  "Would you suck George's cock for me?" she asked.  "Please?" she almost seemed to beg me.  I played along with her fantasy and assured her I would.  That seemed to really get her going, and then she'd refer to the dildo cock as if it were George's cock all of the way through the time we were making love.  And she didn't just do it with our friend, George.  She began doing it with other male friends, all of them handsome and what I'd call manly men.  She seemed to really get off on humanizing the dildo cock and getting me to join in her fantasy, even calling out their name as I'd fuck her with the dildo.  I was enjoying the fantasy as well.  
But then, when those sessions were ended, I'd feel embarrassed, especially when my cheerleader would look into my eyes and force me to make eye contact with her.  It was almost as though sex with the friends whose names she attached to the dildo had really happened, even though it was only a fantasy.  But that was not the worst of it.  The worst of it would be the next time we were in the company of any of the men who she brought into our bed during our fantasy play.  She didn't need to say a word either.  All she had to do was look at me and smile her mischievous teasing grin.  It said, "You sucked his cock for me.  He fucked me.  You swallowed his cum.  You're a sissy."  And she seemed to relish watching me squirm.  And invariably, that night, she'd have me sucking his cock again, whoever it was, in our fantasy world.  It was a great fantasy world too.  But that is all it was.  No matter what happened, I knew my cheerleader would never carry through on anything like that for real.  She was too concerned about our reputation in the community, as was I.  
And so we continued on like this for a few years.  Our sex life was hot.  And our marriage was amazing.  I unquestionably began showing a more submissive side in our relationship.  My cheerleader was in charge in the bedroom, and that filtered down into the rest of our life.  And I liked it.  I really enjoyed being submissive to her.  Things were great and I accepted how things were.  But then something significant happened in our life that, while I did not know it at the time it was taking place, I now believe was the beginning of a seismic shift.  I had a significant job opportunity that we each agreed we could not pass up.  But there was a big requirement in order for us to take advantage of it.  We had to move away from our hometown, thus separating us from family and our many close friends.  And where we moved to, we knew no one.  It was just me and my cheerleader.  That move, three years ago, became the beginning of where we are now.  And in the next installment, I'll tell about it and bring everyone up to the present.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Y'all

Remember the men and women who died for our freedom to be who we want to be.

Is He Here Already?

"Would you mind entertaining my boss for me for a few minutes honey?  I'm not quite ready for him yet."

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dee-Lusions Of Grandeur Post

Dee of Dee-lusions of Grandeur fame has posted a caption featuring me!  Woo hoo!  I always get so excited when another blogger takes time to do something so sweet for me.  The post is titled, "Lee-Anne's Fit To Be Un-Tied!," and you can read it by following the link.  Check it out.  Dee also has an interesting discussion associated with the caption that addresses what makes sissies like me tick.  A post I'm going to list in a few days takes one more step toward answering that question.

Which One Is The Sissy?

Get Ready Sissy. I Can Feel Him About To Explode.

Sissy is sharing her wife's lover's cock for the first time.  She's been told how powerful his eruptions are by his wife.  But she's about to experience it in all of its cummy glory for the first time.  And her wife is so excited to see her sissy's reaction.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 129 - For Candi Cerly

Candi has a perfect sissy name - one I featured in a story I wrote on Fictionmania, entitled "Woman Partner," which you may want to check out.  But you also ought to check out Candi's blog, "Bending The Bookshelf," on which she reviews stories, but you can also find links to her own stories on Amazon, one of which, "The Porn Star's Sissy," I just bought based upon the title alone.  But enough self and cross promotion.  We're here for some sissy appreciation sex, so without further ado, let's commence.
 Sweet as Candi!  Yum!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Her Husband Marvels At How Large She's Become During Her Pregnancy

Wait until he sees the brown baby she's gonna have!

Sissy Paci

Face it.  Sissies are, by nature, very oral.  Sometimes, when her wife's lover's cock is inside of her pussy, a sissy needs something to occupy her until it is time to clean the cum out.

Papers? No, I Don't Have My Papers. But Perhaps We Can Work Something Out? No?

The Ways For A Sissy To Suck Cock

Sometimes, a sissy likes to worship the cock.
 Sometimes, a sissy likes to savor the cock.
But sometimes, a sissy just needs to be laid on her back and fucked in her mouth.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two Different Views

What Sissy's Wife Sees
What Sissy Sees

My Wife Told Me To Make Her Lover's Cock Big And Hard For Her

I'm going to do my best.  But, my God!  How much bigger and harder can he get?

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 128 - For Kawaii Shin'i

Kawaii Shin'i is a self described, "married, bi-sissy, cum slut," to which I reply, "Aren't we all Kawaii?"  Anyway, she seems to be under the control of her wife, as here is her photo on her Tumblr blog, Kawaii Shin'i,
Cute.  And while I would love it if her wifey would release her long enough for me to suck her clitty, I don't think it would be appropriate for me to ask such a favor, so I'll have to do something else to show Kawaii some special sissy appreciation sex.  I hope she likes it.
 Thank you for following me Kawaii.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Such Perfect Sissy Lips

Leeanne checks them at least ten times every hour to make sure they are still fully coated with lipstick.

Why Wives Who Leave Their Sissies Unattended Must Use Chastity Cages

They simply can't be trusted to behave otherwise.

Sissy On Display

It was embarrassing to be sure.  But Leeanne really had no choice.  Her wife met a man by the pool at the resort where they were vacationing, and he'd invited her to lunch at an outdoor cafe just beneath their hotel window.  Leeanne's wife wanted to be able to see Leeanne during lunch to make sure she wasn't playing with her sissy clit while she was gone.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sissy's Dilemma

Sissy always felt an unexplainable sense of discomfort whenever her wife dressed for a date.  On the one hand, she loved watching her wife carefully prepare herself for an evening that she knew was going to end with really good sex.  On the other hand, she knew the really good sex would be with a man - not with sissy.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Sissy Vamp

With her tiny sissy clit tucked neatly between her thighs, Leeanne stood in the hotel corridor, searching for a man to lure to her room to pleasure her wife.