Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gift From Quarterback

Earlier this week I posted this photo on my Tumblr page:
Quarterback told me it had given him an idea for his upcoming visit this weekend and told me to post about that on my blog.  The only question for him was whether it would be me or my cheerleader.  She's told me that it will, as she put it, "most certainly not be her!"  Apparently, quarterback agrees.  When I arrived home from work today there was a package addressed to me on our kitchen counter.  Cheerleader watched me open it and you can imagine my shock, surprise and embarrassment when I found that it contained a long furry tail and a kitten ears headband, much like the ones in this photo:
Cheerleader told me to send quarterback a text message thanking him for his gifts after she'd had a good laugh upon seeing what he sent to me.  That's when he told me he was inspired when he saw that I had posted that photo on my Tumblr page this past Tuesday.  The tail has a clip that can be snapped onto my Njoy butt plug that I've been told I will be wearing this weekend, along with my new kitten tail and ears.  Oh fuck!  I wonder if the bow is optional?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Ritual

It had become their way of life now. Whenever her wife was having a man - a real man - over for the evening, sissy would bathe and groom her wife so that she was as smooth and sexy as possible for her man.  Later, after the date, sissy would be there to clean her wife again, only this time using sissy’s mouth.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Quarterback Tease

Quarterback saw this on my Tumblr blog today and texted me to post here.  He said it gave him an idea for this weekend when he visits us.  The only question he said was whether it would be me.  Or my cheerleader.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My New Sissy Life

[NOTE 1 - Anyone who is just beginning to read my blog might want to read the following early entries in my blog about my sissy journey before reading this latest entry: A Little More Background - Am I Sure I Should Do This? - I'm Afraid - These - Where It All Started - Then, These - Miss Flo - Caught For The First Time - About My Last Post - Bikini Panties!!! - A Virgin Bride (And Groom) - Exhausted Sissy Needs Stress Relief! - Sissy Marries Cheerleader - Sissy Makes Life With Cheerleader - Cheerleader Discovers Sissy - Cheerleader Accepts Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Grow - Cheerleader Asserts Control - Cheerleader Teases Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Settle In To New Home - Cheerleader Cucks Sissy - Cheerleader and Sissy Are Mentored - Sissy Offers Context For Cheerleader - Sissy Sees Her Future - Sissy Adapts To Chastity - Sissy And Cheerleader Spend A Weekend Apart – Our Weekend Apart Aftermath  Cheerleader Has A Heart-To-Heart With Sissy - Sissy And Cheerleader's Last Weekend With Andrea - Part One - Sissy And Cheerleader's Last Weekend With Andrea - Part Two - Cheerleader Thanks Sissy - Cheerleader Does A Sleepover - How My Cheerleader Vets Men - Cheerleader Flirts - With Purpose - Cheerleader Is A Happy Girl - Cheerleader Learns  Juggling Isnt Easy - Cheerleader Gets An Itch - My Cheerleader's Summer of Contentment – My Cheerleader and Her Quarterback -  Cheerleader and Sissy Reach Accord (And Satisfaction) - Sissy Catches Up, Cheerleader Goes Sailing - Discovered! - It Was Bound To Happen Sooner Or Later - Quarterback Discovers Leeanne - I Have Good News. And News - Quarterback Is Visiting For Labor Day - Cheerleader Speaks.  These are the previous posts that tell the story about my sissy journey.]  

[NOTE 2: This post has been reviewed by my cheerleader and her quarterback.  They told me to say that they look forward to the comments and that I’m to tell my readers that will be expected to respond to every comment and to answer any question asked of me, regardless of its nature.  Yikes!  Finally, my cheerleader told me to tell readers that she has been reading your comments to her post and that she intends to respond, in some fashion.]
How about that for a bombshell?  I never thought the day would come that my cheerleader would write something for my sissy blog.  But I cannot tell you how relieved I am that she still feels the way she does about me and is willing for us to continue with our life together.  I have been very worried about it.
When she told me to write a post announcing that her quarterback was coming to spend the weekend with us, but gave me no other details, I was beyond anxious and nervous.  What were they up to?  Looking back on it, I realize that the two of them, or, at least she, had reached some kind of decision.  But I was so worried about what it was.  I had no idea she was going to write for my blog and tell me to post it for her.  I had no idea he was going to tell me to write this post explaining what happened over what will forever remembered as the most incredible Labor Day weekend of my life, or what the three of us did together.  I just knew something had to be up.
Quarterback's instructions?  First, respond to what my cheerleader wrote.  Second, tell about the weekend, in detail.  Third, explain how I feel about it all. 
How do I feel about what my cheerleader wrote?  As I said, first and foremost, relief.  Relief that she continues to love me and cherish what we have.  In her defense, I agree with her that she should not be viewed harshly.   I've actually always said that.  When she says I pushed us to where we are now, she is telling the truth.  Does that mean she is not in total control now?  No.  She is totally in control.  Of us.  Now.  But she is right when she says I led us here early on.  And she is also right that I get off on it.  I do.  I cannot deny it.  There is something that happens to me when I am fulfilling my role as her sissy husband, and especially when it comes to serving her men.  How do I feel about the idea that she might decide to weigh in on my future posts?  Honestly?  Scared to death!  The idea that she will now be reading my blog and, possibly, giving her point of view?  Oh boy!  And that she might even answer some of my readers' questions?  That is something I just don't even know what to think about.  May I ask though?  Be nice?  She does deserve to be treated respectfully.  I love her.  Maybe more than ever, if that is even possible.  That she has chosen to forgive me for violating her trust by writing this blog at all is something I would not have expected.  So I am grateful to her.
The weekend.  It began much like other weekends we have spent with a man at our home.  Okay.  Maybe a bit differently.  My cheerleader and I consulted on my role and how I was to dress.  I helped her get ready.  I expected for it to be a situation where I would perform my sissy maid servant role.  And I did.
My cheerleader had me leave work early Friday afternoon.  She wanted us to help each other get ready for her quarterback.  We gave each other a pedicure and a manicure - bright red.  I then drew her a bath and bathed her, including shaving her pussy for her quarterback, leaving a slender landing strip just above her slit.  She laid out my "uniform" for the evening - my pink maid's dress with black petticoats and pink undergarments, including a garter belt and black stockings and black five-inch high heels.  I have two different sizes of breast forms.  She chose the large pair.  As for her, she wore a lovely black dinner dress with a very low cut neckline, red tanga panties, a pair of stay up stockings, black heels (lower than mine) and no bra.  With her dress neckline, it was obvious she was braless.  She took extra time to apply makeup for me, coloring my eyes dark and finishing me off with a wet red lipstick, which she also wore.  She looked stunning and hot.  I looked like, well, a sissy.
After I was dressed, she sent me to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner, so I knew then that they were not going out for the evening.  There had been no talk about what was up, if anything.  And yet, because of the blog post I was told to put up announcing the weekend, I suspected something was up.  I set the dining room table for the two of them, including candles and a bottle of very nice Chardonnay for them to share.  For dinner I prepared a shrimp and garlic pasta dish, and asparagus to go with it.  Around 6ish, cheerleader's quarterback arrived and I greeted him at the door with a curtsy, as I had been told to do by my cheerleader.  He gave me a wry smile and said hi.  I offered him a drink and he said, “Take my suitcase upstairs.  Then get me a beer.”  He went right into our den and made himself at home.  I took his suitcase upstairs and told my cheerleader he was there, then went downstairs to get him his beer.  After delivering him his beer I asked if he had a good drive up.  He said that he did and that traffic had not been too bad for a Friday coming up to D.C.  About then my cheerleader came downstairs and he stood for her as she walked into the room.  She was beaming to see him and went straight to him to give him a full, wet kiss.  As she did, I saw him staring down her dress to her fully exposed breasts.  As he held her to him to kiss her back, one hand grabbed her butt and he slipped the other, possessively, directly onto her breast, actually exposing it to me as he groped my wife.  He also looked right at me as he did it, as if to say, 'She is mine.'  And, to be honest about it, when he is around, I think she is.  His.
After they broke their kiss my cheerleader sent me to pour her a glass of white wine.  She also told me to turn on some music and then to prepare to serve dinner soon.  When I returned to the den my cheerleader was cuddled up closely to her quarterback kissing him on his neck and he, again, was cupping one of her breasts, coaxing sighs and moans from her as he did.  I stood, uncomfortably, by waiting to serve her wine.  The two of them acted as though I were not there, although it was equally obvious that they both absolutely knew I was there.  When she turned her attention to me, she thanked me for the wine and told me to go into the kitchen and serve dinner - they would be there in a few minutes.
I did as I was told and it was not long before they walked in together to the dining room.  Her quarterback held her chair and then sat across from her at the table.  I poured each of them a glass of wine to go with dinner and then asked if they needed anything else.  Quarterback told me, “Nothing for now sissy.  Leave us alone to enjoy dinner.”  I noticed my cheerleader smile when he called me “sissy.”  I went into the kitchen and ate alone, waiting to be summoned by my cheerleader and her quarterback.  I couldn't hear their entire conversation, but I sensed it was a bit serious from the tone of their voices.  I was, to put it mildly, anxious.  I just felt that something momentous was about to occur.  And boy was I right! 
After about an hour, quarterback called out, "Sissy!  Would you come here please?"  I went into the dining room and he pointed to the chair at the head of the table so that I was sitting between him and my cheerleader.  "Sit down sissy."  I did as he told me to do.  He poured an extra glass of wine and handed it to me, nodding for me to take a sip.  I was very confused about what was up.  And I almost felt small.  Like a child about to be lectured by her parents?  He held his glass up to us and said, "Cheers.  To us."  Then he asked me how I was doing and did I know why we were there?  I admitted I was nervous and confused.  I asked, "Why are we here?"  My cheerleader and her quarterback exchanged glances, and then my cheerleader spoke, “As you know, you and I have discussed this blog of yours.  As have Tom and I.  We’ve decided that there will be a few changes.  First, we want you to keep blogging, as you always have.  But…and this is a big but…Tom and I are going to reserve the right to have input.  And if Tom wants you to do something, you will do it.  Likewise, if I tell you to do something for the blog, you will do that too.  That is my decision.”  I sat silent, stunned by her statement.  Her quarterback was listening to her and watching my reaction.  “Do you understand sissy?”  I didn’t know what to say.  My cheerleaders’ words had been plain enough but, somehow, I felt there was more.  “I think so,” was all I could mutter.  “May I ask, what is meant by if there is something either of you want me to do, I should do it?”  Quarterback smiled as he glanced at my cheerleader.  “Good question.  It means, you will do as I say.  And you will do as she says.  Your wife and I have discussed this.  She has made it clear to me that you are her sissy, but what should be equally clear by now is that, whenever I am here, she is mine.  And you will belong to both of us.  Our sissy.  Understand?”  I was, well, I can’t describe how I felt hearing what he said.  Saying I was going to be “their” sissy.  I looked to my cheerleader.  She said, “This is what I want sissy.  Can you do it?  For me?”  I sat quietly for what felt like forever as they both looked at me, waiting for my reply.  Could I do what my cheerleader was asking?  I didn’t know.  But I knew I could not deny her.  “Yes.  I will try.”  My cheerleader said, “Good girl.”  Her quarterback then lifted his glass again and said, “To a great weekend!”  We touched our glasses and took a sip.
After the toast, my cheerleaders’ quarterback said, “I brought gifts for each of you.  They are in my suitcase.  Would you go upstairs and get them sissy?”  “Yes sir,” I replied.  I then left them alone to go get the gifts, wondering all of the way upstairs what he could possibly have bought us.  I placed his suitcase on the bed and opened it to find two packages, one wrapped in pink paper with light blue ribbon, and the other wrapped in white paper with red ribbon.  I took them back downstairs to find they had moved to the den.  I handed them to quarterback and stood back, waiting.  “Thank you sissy,” he said.  He then handed the white package to my cheerleader to open.  She smiled and began by carefully removing the ribbon.  She then tore the paper off and opened her box.  Pulling back red tissue paper she revealed her gift.  It was a pair of panties and a babydoll nightgown.  Both were beautiful.  The panties were a light grey Eberjey Daria Thong.  The babydoll was a sapphire blue Sapphire Bliss Marylyn Babydoll. 
I was embarrassed to be watching my cheerleader open, in front of me, her intimate gift from her quarterback.  But even more, I was anxious as to what he may have bought me.  My cheerleader gushed about her package and put her arms around her quarterback and kissed him hard on his mouth, thanking him.  When they broke, he looked at me and handed me my package.  “Open it sissy.”  My hands were trembling as I fiddled to remove the ribbon from my package, feeling their watchful eyes upon me to see my reaction to whatever it was he’d bought for me.  Finally tearing the paper away, I removed the pink tissue paper to find that he had bought me lingerie as well.  On top was a matching light blue Cosabella bra and G-string set.  Beneath them was a light blue Fleur’t Whispers of Love lace babydoll.  It was the sort of thing that I love, but to have received it from my cheerleader’s quarterback, was beyond humiliating in that moment. 
My cheerleader ooo’d and aahhh’d as I held them up for her to see.  “So sexy sissy!” she exclaimed.  “Do you like them?” she asked.  I was sooo embarrassed to be opening and receiving something so intimate from her quarterback.  I could only nod.  “Thank Tom,” she told me.  I looked at Tom and said, “Thank you very much.”  He smiled and said, “You’re welcome sissy.  I didn’t feel right showing up bearing gifts for your wife and exclude you,” he chuckled.  Then he told us to go upstairs and put them on.  I was stunned!  “Now?” I asked.  He laughed.  “Yes sissy.  Now.  Go.”  My cheerleader stood up and said to me, “Come on sissy.  Let’s go.”  Shaken at this turn of events, I followed her out of the den.  When we got upstairs, I asked her, “Are we really going to put this on?  Now?”  My cheerleader said to me, “Listen sissy.  This weekend is probably going to be different for us.  I want you to understand something.  I am going to be taking on a more submissive role with Tom.  And you will be too.  This is what I want.  And I think you need it.  You said you would try.  So, I hope you’ll keep your promise to me.  Give it a chance.  Okay?”  I thought about what she said and then nodded.  “Okay.  If this is what you want.  I’ll try.”  “This is what I want.  Thank you.  Now let’s change.” 
We each then removed our dresses and our other lingerie.  I left my garter belt on as it held up my stockings.  My cheerleader helped me into my new bra and then inserted my breast forms inside them.  She helped me step into my tiny thong and nestled my caged clitty inside them.  I picked up the babydoll and slipped it over my head and down over my breast forms.  The shortness of the babydoll, combined with the sheer thong, resulted in my caged clitty being on prominent display.  Could that have been intentional?  I wondered.  I then helped my cheerleader step into her panties, the smooth sheer front revealing her freshly shaved cameltoe.  She then let her Marilyn babydoll settle over her, her breasts hanging freely and openly for her quarterback to have access to.  She looked amazing!  No man could have resisted her.  We stood looking each other over.  “You look great sissy,” she said to me.  “Are you ready to go model for Tom?”  “Honestly?” I asked her.  “No.  But I don’t have a choice, do I?”  She smiled.  “No.  You don’t.  Let’s go.”  And so we walked downstairs together to go show off quarterback’s gifts to us.
That walk down the stairs may have been the most nervous I have ever felt prior to revealing my sissy side for the first time to one of my cheerleader’s men back when we first went down this road of her having men.  But this wasn’t just any man.  This was her ex-husband, and a decidedly new shift was taking place in our relationship, including for my cheerleader.  She, on the other hand, seemed anxious to get started on the new way of interaction.  As we walked in the room he stood and whistled.  “Hot damn!” he exclaimed.  “Wow!  You girls look hot!”  My cheerleader smiled the widest smile I’d seen from her in a long time.  Me?  I was utterly embarrassed and humiliated.  I saw him look directly at my caged clitty inside of the tiny thong he’d bought me.  I know he knew my cheerleader kept me in chastity, but when I’d been around him before my panties prevented my cage from being on such display.  I now felt utterly exposed as the sissy husband I was.  To make this even worse, he walked over to my cheerleader and pulled her into his arms, one hand grasping her bare ass cheek and the other grabbing one of her breasts.  She tilted her head back and accepted his mouth on hers and kissed him hard and long.  She moaned and sighed as he took her right in front of me.  When they broke, quarterback said to me, “Drinks sissy,” as he led my cheerleader to the couch to sit down.
When I returned with their drinks, my cheerleader was locked in a deep hard kiss with her quarterback.  I stood by and waited for them to stop, but they kept going and going, oblivious to me standing by, feeling quite embarrassed to be exposed the way that I was as they seemed to be getting more and more worked up together.  Watching my cheerleader giving herself to her quarterback is a complex thing for me.  It makes me feel utterly inadequate, on the one hand.  On the other, it turns me on beyond anything I have ever experienced.  What makes it worse - or better - is that I think she gets that about me.  But now, I was sensing that her quarterback got it too and was relishing his newfound power over each of us.  As they continued going at each other, groping hungrily, my cheerleader was making it obvious that she wanted her quarterback very much - possibly right there on our couch. 
Finally, they broke for breath.  I took the opportunity to present their drinks.  Each took their glass and took sips.  Quarterback was smiling a lascivious grin at me as he gave me the once over in my pretty and revealing lingerie that he'd bought for me.  "I think your wife wants me sissy,” he asked bluntly.  “What do you think?"  Embarrassed, I could only shrug my shoulders, although it was obvious that she wanted him.  "Ask her," he told me.  I hesitated, uncomfortable with the situation unfolding as it was.  "Go on sissy.  Ask her," he basically ordered me.  I looked at her and said, "Do you want him?"  My cheerleader reached over to her quarterback's crotch and grabbed his thick cock that was outlined clearly inside of his trousers.  "Uh huh," she answered.  I looked back to her quarterback.  He said, "Should I fuck her sissy?"  What was he doing?!  I felt so small and humiliated to be asked these questions about my cheerleader in front of him.  Of course, I knew he was going to fuck her.  That's what they did.  But never had he questioned me like this before.  And I could see that he expected answers.  I nodded my head, probably quite meekly.  "You do?" He asked.  "Yes," I replied.  He smiled back at me, obviously pleased to have coaxed that admission out of me.  The he said, "Beg me."  I replied, "What?"  As if I had not heard him clearly.  "Beg me sissy.  Beg me to fuck your wife.  I won't fuck her unless you beg me."  I was humiliated more than I could ever recall.  I looked at my cheerleader, to gauge her reaction.  She was watching the exchange between her quarterback and me with interest.  When our eyes met, she nodded her head, essentially telling me, 'Do it.'
Feeling so exposed, figuratively and literally, as less than a man - as a completely submissive sissy - I choked out the first plea, "Would you fuck my wife?  Please?"  Quarterback grinned.  He was enjoying this little game with me.  And my cheerleader, who I did not sense was privy to his precise intentions, but based upon our after dinner conversation, I suspected was not going to intervene, other than to insist that I comply with her quarterback's commands.  "No.  Not good enough sissy.  I think you need to get on your knees.  Really beg me.  Like you mean it.  Like your wife isn't going to get what she wants unless you convince me she has to have it.  And that you really want to watch me do it."  As if sensing I needed one last assurance from her, my cheerleader nodded to me as she moved her eyes from me to the floor in front of her quarterback. 
Realizing this would not end until I complied, and feeling uncomfortable that I felt so turned on by what was taking place, I slowly fell to my knees in front of quarterback.  Looking up at him, my cheerleader watching me closely as I submitted to her ex-husband's command, I whispered, "Would you please fuck my wife?  She needs it.  She wants it.  And I want her to have you.  Please?"  He was silent.  He looked at me, the dominance he held over me hanging in the air.  "Take it out for her."  I was stunned.  He was playing hardball.  I hesitated yet again.  He said firmly, "Take. It. Out."  My fingers were visibly trembling as I reached up toward his crotch, completely aware that both sets of their eyes were watching me obey him.  I fidgeted to unhook his belt buckle and then unbuttoned his pants.  Feeling almost in a hurry to get it over with, I grabbed his zipper and tugged, pulling it down.  Then, insinuating what he expected next, he lifted his butt off the seat cushion to assist me in pulling his pants down.  As I did, he used his feet to kick off his shoes.  I pulled his pants all of the way down and then off.  His cock was already hard and bulging against his boxer shorts.  "Take them off too sissy," he said.  Grasping at the waistline, I tugged them down, and as they cleared his member the thick, long dick sprang upward, coaxing an "Oh my!" from my cheerleader.  She reached for it but he slapped her hand.  "Not yet.  Her first."  I looked up at the two of them, begging them with my eyes to let it end.  To just get on with it and let me be.  But he was having none of it.  The evening, it turns out, was a crucial evening in the future of our relationship moving forward.  He intended to make his point with me.  And with my cheerleader.  He was going to be the dominant force when the three of us were together.
As if smacking me with the final stroke in securing my submission to him, he said, "Stroke it sissy.  Kiss it.  Get me ready to fuck your wife.  Tell me how much you want her to have me."  His cock is the biggest cock of all of the men my cheerleader has had.  It isn't simply the length.  It's the girth and the power that it wields.  Thick with hard veins bulging from the blood pumping through it, I wrapped my manicured feminine fingers around him.  I won't lie.  I loved being able to feel him.  To absorb his male power through my trembling fingers.  Without further command, I leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss on the tip of his cock.  As I pulled back, I saw that my red lipstick had left a sharp ring outlining my lips on him.  "Lick it," he told me.  I leaned over and licked his thick, purple helmet, and then moved down his length, licking him as I went.  I could literally feel the two of them watching me as I became absorbed in my task - to prepare quarterback to fuck my cheerleader.  As I continued, I eventually took him in my mouth.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him slip his fingers inside of my cheerleader's panties and begin to finger her pussy.  Her legs spread open eagerly accepting his touch.  It hit me then.  My cheerleader was aroused at what was happening.  She was getting off on how her quarterback was dominating me.  And her arousal fed me.  I love her so much.  I love making her happy.  And in that moment of recognition, I let myself go.  I moaned as I took quarterback's cock in my mouth and sucked him hard.  As I pulled away I sighed, "Mmmmm.  You are so hard.  Please fuck my wife.  Fuck her now.  Please?" I begged him.  As if responding to my final acquiescence in his control over me, he told my cheerleader to stand up.  "Take off your panties slut!" he commanded her.  As I continued to suck his cock, she slithered her panties to the floor.  "Come here," he said, taking her hand to help her straddle his lap.  "Put me inside of her sissy," he told me.  He was hard as a rock as I pointed his bulging cockhead toward her wet slit.  She settled onto him and moaned, "Oh sissy!  Thank you!" she cried out.  "Fuck!  You are so big!" she groaned to her quarterback as she slid all the way onto him.  I sat back on my haunches and watched as my cheerleader began rocking on her quarterback's hard cock, my role finally finished.  Or so I thought. 
They rocked back and forth on the couch, his cock penetrating her as deeply as it could go.  Then she rose up and revealed his long, wet shaft.  Slowly, she took him all of the way back inside of her.  Grunting as he pushed inside of her, he growled, "Suck my balls sissy."  When I didn't react quickly enough, he ordered me again, "Now!"  I quickly fell forward, underneath of my cheerleader's bottom as she rode his cock, and burrowed my way in to get his heavy swinging ballsack and feed it into my mouth.  His sack is unshaven and it was musky with sweat as I forced all of him inside of my mouth.  I sucked his balls as my cheerleader began slowly, rhythmically, bouncing up and down on his lap, her butt bumping the top of my head each time she hit bottom.  I was but a sex tool for the two of them at this point as they became lost in each other.  Fucking.  No more words were spoken other than my cheerleader sighing, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" over and over.  Then, it happened.  And I knew it was happening before she did.  I could feel the boiling of his sperm preparing to burst out of him and inside of my cheerleader.  I maintained my hold on his balls and then she hit bottom and he held her there as he exploded inside of her.  Over and and over he shot load after load of his hot cum inside of my cheerleader while I was crouched low beneath them sucking on his balls.  She screeched a sigh of feminine arousal as she orgasmed on his hard dick.  When it was finally over, she went limp on him and his balls slipped out of my mouth as he fell backward onto the couch.  I was exhausted from the emotion and physical effort I had just been through as he showed us that he owned my wife.  Right in front of me.
As I squatted back on my knees, I watched his sperm leaking out of my cheerleader.  Her quarterback pushed her upward, as if to coax her off of him.  And as she lifted from him, his cream began to leak freely out of her.  "Suck her clean sissy," he told me.  On this command I did not hesitate.  I leaned forward and put my wide open mouth up to her opening to accept the flood.  And it was pouring out of her.  There was so much cum!  I sucked and sucked as it leaked from her and into my mouth, her quarterback's softened, massive cock, lying up against my cheek as I sucked my cheerleader clean.  After I finished her, he said to my cheerleader, "Suck me baby."  She greedily took him inside of her mouth and began sucking his cum coated cock.  As she sucked him, quarterback placed his head behind her head and maintained pressure as she bobbed up and down on him.  Then he said, "Suck my balls again sissy!"  I was embarrassed.  Humiliated.  And so, so turned on at what was happening.  I dipped down and began sucking his balls again as my cheerleader continued to suck his cock.  Soon, it was obvious that he was hard again and was closing in on another eruption.  He was going to cum inside of my cheerleader's mouth as I sucked his balls.  I could feel the pressure building up in his ballsack.  Then, it happened!  He exploded inside of my cheerleader's mouth.  As he did, she opened her mouth wide, letting his explosion of sperm pump into her mouth, but also permitting gobs of it to escape her mouth and drip down his shaft and into my mouth and all over my face as I kneeled beneath them sucking his balls.  I could not believe how much cum he was able to produce so quickly after already filling my cheerleader 's pussy as he had.  My cheerleader was slurping his cream into her mouth and I just tried to keep up.  Then he pulled back and his balls plopped free of my mouth.  My cheerleader looked at me with an almost crazed look in her eyes she was so turned on.  Then she reached out and wiped up a large amount of his cum and held her fingers out for me to suck clean.  She did that a few more times until she'd removed the cum he'd spilled on my face.
Finally, it appeared to be over, for then.  But the evening and weekend was far from over.  To the contrary, it was only beginning.  My cheerleader cuddled up to her quarterback on the couch as I remained on my knees on the floor beside them.  I was confused as to what their expectations for me were.  They sipped their drinks and my cheerleader let her hand rest on her quarterback's exposed meat.  Even after two orgasms, he remained plump and large, as if he could actually do it again.  I was feeling very small and impotent to be kneeling there, remnants of his sperm drying on my face.  And yet, I did feel good about the sex.  I can't tell how much I enjoy serving my cheerleader and her quarterback in that way.  And the cum?  Oh my!  I do love the cum!
After a few minutes of requiring me to kneel beside them, quarterback told me to go upstairs and prepare their bed.  Then he said, "And you go take a shower and put your nightgown back on.  Then come to us to see if we need anything."  I stood and went upstairs to turn back the sheets on their freshly made bed. I then went to the guest room where I would be spending the weekend and removed my clothes before going to the guest bath to shower.  My clitty had leaked considerably into my panties, but I was still sore from the pressure of my clitty pounding to get free from its chastity cage.  After I showered, I put back on the bra, panties and babydoll quarterback bought me.
I walked down the hall to find my cheerleader's and my bedroom door closed.  Assuming they had already come up and were inside, I tapped lightly on the door.  "Come in sissy," quarterback called out.  I was thrown off as soon as I swung the door open.  My cheerleader was sitting atop her quarterback, each of them completely nude, his cock obviously nestled within her pussy.  She was moaning and groaning as she ground her pussy down on him.  I stopped in my tracks.  Quarterback spoke to me.  "Come over here sissy.  Have a seat in the chair by the bed."  Right next to the bed was an easy chair that my cheerleader liked to sit in at night to read.  Obediently I walked over and sat down, my eyes directly trained on my cheerleader fucking her quarterback.  Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she was  savoring the sensation of riding his, once again, hard cock. 
As she rode him, her quarterback gave her instructions.  "Tell your sissy how much you love my cock."  Obeying, my cheerleader looked at me and said, "Oh sissy!  I love this cock so much. He is sooo big inside of me. I need him in me all of the time.  He knows how to fuck me so good.  So fucking good!"  Quarterback laughed and said, "Do you love watching your wife fuck my cock sissy?  Do you wish it was inside of you?"  I was stunned.  What was he asking?  I could never say that.  "You do.  Don't you?" he insisted.  "Don't worry.  I know.  And believe me.  We're going to be exploring all of those nasty little sissy fantasies you blog about.  All of them.  Understand?"  I felt very uncomfortable.  Exposed by what I knew he’d seen on my blogs.  But I knew what he was saying.  I nodded and said, "Yes.  I understand."  "Good girl.  Now just sit there while I finish taking care of your wife."
At that point they behaved as though I was no longer present.  Quarterback pulled my cheerleader close to him and began devouring her breasts, biting her nipples.  Hard!  She squealed loudly when he did, but it only made her more aroused.  After a few minutes he suddenly flipped her over onto her back.  He pinned her legs wide and above her head.  Now pinning her firmly against the bed he began pulverizing her pussy with long, deep strokes of his cock driving inside of her wet, engorged pussy.  I could not take my eyes off of the sight of the two of them going all animal on each other.  They were grunting and groaning louder than I'd ever heard my cheerleader during sex.  Then, when his ejaculation seemed imminent, he pulled his cock out her and began jacking off, spraying her breasts and face with his cum.  My cheerleader opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could.  After a few strokes all over her, he jammed his cock back inside of her and began fucking her some more.  The entire time she was screaming out how much she loved his cock and for him to keep fucking her harder and harder.  I was aware as I watched them that my own clitty was hard as a rock pressing against its cage.  I was so turned on watching him take my cheerleader, and likewise her give herself to him.  I could not deny it.  It was too powerful.  And they each knew it.  Once spent, quarterback collapsed onto my cheerleader's chest, her breasts pressing firmly against him.  She dropped her legs and wrapped them around his waist, holding him inside of her as she milked more and more of his sperm out of him.  Quarterback spoke to me.  "Come give your wife a good night kiss sissy."  Obediently, I stood and walked over to them.  I leaned over and she welcomed my mouth to hers, slipping her cummy tongue inside my mouth, sharing her quarterback's sperm with me.  As we parted she whispered, "Good night sissy.  I love you."  I choked out "Good night.  I love you too."  And then I left them alone to return to the guest room where I would not sleep for quite a while.
The next morning I was awakened by my cheerleader nudging me in my bed.  When I opened my eyes she was smiling at me.  "Good morning sleepyhead," she whispered as she crawled into the bed and pulled the covers back to snuggle in next to me.  She was wearing her babydoll that her quarterback had bought her.  "How are you baby? she asked.  "Fine," I told her.  She kissed me on the cheek and asked, "Was last night too much?  Are you okay?"  I thought for a moment and replied, "It was fine.  I mean, I was torn.  He was very dominant last night.  But, mostly, I liked it.  So, yes.  I'm fine.  And you?  Are you okay?"  She giggled.  "Are you kidding?  That might have been the best night of sex ever!  Thank you very much."  I smiled.  "You're welcome.  I like when you are happy."  "I know you do.  You are so sweet.  I hope this is going to be okay.  If it ever isn't, you tell me.  Okay?"  I was touched that she was so attentive to my feelings.  "Okay," I answered her.  "I will."  "Good girl,” she said.  “Now get up and get dressed.  You need to go make us breakfast.  We'll be down in a bit.  I left clothes for you to wear today on the bathroom counter.  I'm expecting you to be a very good sissy today.  Understand?"  I smiled and said, "Yes ma'am!"  She laughed and then crawled out of my bed to rejoin her quarterback.
After my cheerleader left I got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed.  Lying on the counter was a white lace thong, the pink hot pants my cheerleader had bought for me a few summers ago with her quarterback's money, a pink lace full cup bra, a tight fitting sheer white top that only came down to my belly, and my black high heels.  It appeared I was going to be on display again today.  I wondered if that was intended to make me feel humiliated and submissive.  If it was, it was working.  Because I was going to feel that way.  All day. After dressing and applying some makeup I went down to make some breakfast.  As I walked past my cheerleader's and my bedroom I could hear the shower running and guessed that they were showering together. 
Downstairs I went about the business of preparing breakfast.  I put coffee on and tossed some bacon into a cast iron skillet to fry while I mixed pancake batter.  Quarterback came down first. He was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt.  He walked up behind me and slapped me playfully, and yet possessively, on my ass.  "Good morning sissy."  He breathed in a deep breath.  "Mmmmm...smells good.  How about some coffee?" he demanded, more than asked.  I pulled a mug from the shelf and poured him a fresh cup and set it on the bar for him.  He mixed it himself and took a long draught and sighed his appreciation.  "You make good coffee sissy," he complimented me.  I was feeling very self-conscious being alone with him, especially dressed as I was.  I felt like he was eying me up and down.  "You did good last night sissy.  I expect more of the same today.  Do you understand?"  I wasn't 100% sure what he was asking and did not respond.  As if sensing a need to explain, he added, "Today, your wife belongs to me.  Your job is to look after our needs.  Whatever they are.  Okay?"  I stopped what I was doing and looked at him.  "I do."  "Good girl," he replied.
He sat at the bar watching me cook.  I could feel him staring at my ass in the tight pink hot pants I wore.  They were so tight that my chastity cage was outlined prominently in the front.  I felt naked before him.  A few minutes later my cheerleader come into the kitchen.  I was surprised when I saw her.  She was wearing nothing except one of her quarterback's dress shirts, completely unbuttoned.  No bra.  No panties.  Just his oversized shirt hanging down just past her ass.  She approached me and kissed me on the cheek.  "Smells good sweetie."  "Thank you," I answered.  "I'll pour you coffee."  As I poured coffee for my cheerleader she went to her quarterback and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned in and kissed him softly on his mouth.  He dropped his hands possessively to her ass and gave her a big squeeze.  His shirt fell open and her bare breasts pressed up against him.  They kissed and kissed as my cheerleader made herself open and available to him.  He pulled her close to him and dropped his head down and began devouring one of her breasts, coaxing a sigh and a groan from my cheerleader.  "You want more baby? he asked.  "I thought this morning wore you out."  "Mmmmm.  I want more,” she cooed.  “More.  More.  More."  He slipped his fingers between her thighs and grabbed her pussy.  "Fuck!  You horny bitch!  Soaking fucking wet!"  To me he said, "You wouldn't believe how wet your wife is sissy!  Fuck!  I may have to fuck her again right here!"  My cheerleader giggled and said, "Yes please!"  In a flash, as if accepting her teasing dare, quarterback jumped up and grabbed her by the waist, twisting her around and bending her over the kitchen bar.  Before she could blink he had his cock out of his gym shorts and pushing it up inside of her slick and ready pussy.  My cheerleader opened her thighs to receive him and groaned as he slid up to the hilt inside of her.  "You horny bitch!" he growled.  “I'm going to wear that pussy out today.”  I stopped what I was doing and just stood by, dumbfounded as quarterback fucked my cheerleader over our kitchen bar before breakfast.  It was a fast and furious fuck too.  She was crying out how much she loved his cock and urging him to fuck her harder and harder.  Before I knew it he was pressing his cock inside her and grunting as he emptied his sperm into her.  She was looking at me across the top of the bar, her bare breasts pressed firmly onto the dark granite countertop.  When he was finished, he looked at me and said, "Get over here sissy.  Your job today is to keep your wife clean after we fuck. I have a feeling you're going to be busy too."  I did not question him.  I walked around the bar and, as he pulled out, I leaned down to catch the first dribble of his cum and began sucking her clean.  My cheerleader sighed as I slid my soft tongue inside of her.  "Easy baby," she said.  "It's a little sore.  He's so big!"  I was careful to treat her gently doing my job.  When she was clean, I went back to work cleaning the kitchen as my cheerleader snuggled again to her quarterback.  I knew then that the weekend was going to be a fuckfest between them, with me serving a very subservient sissy role. 
They each ate a hearty breakfast.  All the fucking had built up huge appetites for each of them.  After breakfast they went into our den to relax and get ready to watch the first full day of college football.  I cleaned the kitchen and then went upstairs to make their bed and straighten up any mess, including putting their clothes away.  When I checked on them, quarterback told me to sit down and wait for anything hey might need.  And so I did, and was a witness to my cheerleader continuing to push herself on her man.  Over the course of the day, I was called upon to clean her pussy several times, as well as make sure they were supplied with food and drink.  My jaw was sore, and I know my cheerleader's pussy had to be sore as well, but she never complained.  Not once.  On the contrary, she seemed to be constantly aching for his cock inside of her. 
In the afternoon my cheerleader excused herself to go shower and get refreshed.  While she was gone her quarterback had a little talk with me.  He wanted to be sure I was okay with the direction things were going between the three of us.  It felt like an opportunity to be honest, and so I tried to be.  One of the things he discussed with me was how he planned to help me explore the fantasies he knew I had from things I post on my two blogs, both here and on Tumblr.  He told me that he and my cheerleader had discussed things quite a bit since he'd discovered my blogs and that she had come to an acceptance of me and the things that seemed to make me tick.  But the other thing he wanted to make sure I was okay with was the new, more open dominance he was showing toward her, as well as her reaction to it.  I told him I did not realize that she had the submissive streak she appeared to have, especially toward him.  But I could also see she seemed to thrive on it, especially her freedom to be that way with him in front of me.  It was a good and open conversation and I felt good about things afterward.  He then sent me to get him a beer and to prepare dinner for him and my cheerleader. 
Cheerleader came down dressed for dinner, so to speak.  By that, I mean she was wearing clothing, just not much.  If I had to describe it in a word, I'd say she looked slutty.  But in a classy way?  She was wearing a red matching lingerie set consisting of a garter belt with fishnet hose, red high heels, a sheer lace panty and shelf bra, covered only by a sheer white robe that was open in the front.  Her quarterback was very pleased and let her know right away by grabbing her and kissing her hard as he groped her ass and fondled her breasts.  She looked so hungry for him.  I thought he might fuck her before dinner.  Instead, they went into the den together while I finished making dinner.
When it was ready I called them in to eat.  They had a nice, quiet dinner together while I ate alone, again, in the kitchen.  After dinner, they retired to the den to watch more football while I cleaned up the dishes.  When I finished I went to the den to see if they needed anything.  Quarterback pointed at the floor in front of him.  "Kneel sissy," he commanded me.  My cheerleader was watching me, as if to see how I would respond.  I walked meekly toward them and dipped to my knees and kneeled as he had told me.  He then said to my cheerleader, "Your sissy has been a good girl today.  Don't you think?"  She smiled at me and agreed that I had.  "I think she deserves a reward," he went on.  "What do you think?"  "What do you have in mind?" she asked.  "I want you to decide,” he said.  “What would you like to see her do?"  She looked at me quietly as she considered it.  "I want her to suck your cock for me."  He looked at me.  "Okay then sissy.  What are you waiting for?  Suck it."
I won't lie.  I wanted his cock.  All to myself.  I really did.  But at the same time, I felt as submissive and humiliated as I had since my cheerleader began cuckolding me many years ago.  I moved between quarterback's thighs and pulled his gym shorts off, revealing his thick, hard dick.  I softly held it in my fingers and stroked him, feeling him grow as I did.  The two of them watched me intently.  "Look at us sissy," he said.  I turned my eyes to them so they could see the look in my eyes as I held him.  He slipped his hand between my cheerleader's thighs and inside of her panties, rubbing her clit and coaxing soft sighs and moans from her.  I leaned in and kissed his cockhead, then slowly licked him down his shaft.  He was growing bigger and bigger.  As I tackled the task before me my cheerleader urged me on, " Go on sissy.  Take him in your mouth."  With her encouragement, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and took as much of him into my mouth as I could.  He was so thick!  As I did, I felt a hand on the back of my head.  It belonged to my cheerleader.  Her other hand joined in and softly grasped my head, and she began controlling my motion, lifting me up and down on her quarterback's cock, quietly encouraging me to suck his cock, calling me her good girl and her good cocksucker.  I was so fucking excited for her to be taking control of me and helping me suck her quarterback's cock.  She began lifting me up and down faster and faster, pushing downward a little bit harder each time down.  He was so big and hard that he gagged me whenever she pushed particularly hard.  My eyes began to water as she helped me suck him off.  I felt the explosion coming a split second before it happened.  The load of sperm that gushed out of his cock and into my mouth was enormous.  I swallowed as much as I could but more and more followed.  It began oozing out of my mouth and down onto his shaft.  Before I knew it, my cheerleader was leaning over and helping me take his cum and licking on his dick with me.  It was so hot to be sharing a cock in that way with her.  We finally finished him off and then she kissed me, deeply and passionately.  It was a very erotic moment for us and one I will always cherish. 
Afterward, the three of us sat together watching football, my cheerleader cuddled up with her quarterback while I sat alone on a chair.  Periodically I would get them something.  But mostly, we just hung out.  It was quite nice really.  After the game they went up to bed together and I went alone to my room.  We said goodnight.  As quarterback was about to close the door to their room he said, "We'll have breakfast in bed in the morning sissy.  Wear your pink uniform."  I went into my room and removed the sissy outfit I'd worn all day.  My panties were damp from leaking out of my chastity cage.  I took a quick shower and then put on the babydoll quarterback had bought me to sleep in.  On this night I had no trouble falling asleep.  I felt good about things.  Really good.
I woke early Sunday morning, showered and dressed in my black maid’s uniform.  I went downstairs to organize breakfast so that I could get it ready quickly when they called for it.  The morning stretched on and they were quiet upstairs.  Finally, around 10, my cell phone rang.  It was my cheerleader.  “Good morning sissy!” she sang cheerily.  “Time for breakfast!”  I replied, “Yes ma’am.  I’ll be right up.”  “Good!” she said.  “And sissy?”  “Yes?” I answered.  “I expect full sissy maid service this morning.  Do you understand?”  I thought I did.  I told her “yes” in any event.  I prepared a tray of muffins, fruit and coffee to take to them in bed.  At their door I lightly knocked.  My cheerleader told me to come in.  Anxious about how I might find them, I braced myself for anything and opened the door to enter.  They were sitting up in bed next to each other, both entirely nude, my cheerleader cuddled up to her quarterback, watching SportsCenter on television.  Quarterback’s cock, large and plump even when soft, lay glistening across his lap, apparently having been recently used.  I stepped inside and performed a deep curtsy.  They were smiling at me as I delivered their breakfast.  My cheerleader said, “Very nice sissy.  What do you have for us?”  I told her there were blueberry muffins, mixed fruit, and coffee.  “Yummy!” she exclaimed.  “We’re starved!”  At this point quarterback had not spoken.  It seemed odd to me that my cheerleader was taking charge.  As it turned out, she was only taking charge of me.
I gave them each a plate with a muffin and fruit on it and then poured their coffee and set their mugs on the night table by our bed.  Quarterback took his and sipped it.  “Very good sissy,” he complimented me.  “You really do make the best coffee.”  I thanked him and asked if they needed anything else.  My cheerleader said, so matter of factly that it was almost like asking for more sugar for her coffee, “Would you please clean Tom’s cock for me?  I’m going to want him fresh and clean after breakfast.”  I noticed quarterback looking at me.  Then, as if it was as simple a thing as giving her more sugar, I curtsied and replied, “Yes ma’am.”  And so then, while they watched television and ate breakfast, I slowly licked and sucked quarterback’s soft cock and balls until they were clean.  All over.  Very thoroughly.  When I finished, my cheerleader said, “Very nice sissy.  Now me.”  I thought, ‘Oh fuck!  I can’t believe this!’  And yet, it was happening.  Again, I curtsied and then set about licking and sucking quarterback’s sperm that was still inside of my cheerleader from their morning fuck.  As I did, she allowed her thighs to open enough to give me full access.  She even placed one of her hands on the back of my head and maintained a soft, yet steady, pressure as I licked her.  As I neared completion she permitted herself a quiet orgasm from me pleasuring her, and I admit that I loved that she permitted me the honor.
My cheerleader and her quarterback stayed in bed for the rest of the day.  I was summoned back and forth all day to provide them whatever they desired.  I made them lunch and served it in bed.  I was not asked to provide them hygiene assistance again, although it was obvious that they made love throughout the day.  My cheerleader and her quarterback were ravenous for each other.  I allowed myself to believe that they were each mutually turned on by the way they were using me during the weekend too.  When evening settled, they got up, dressed in casual clothes, and came downstairs.  They had decided to go out to dinner, leaving me alone for a while.  When they returned home after dinner, they settled in the den to watch more football and let me serve them.  Later, I was sent to fold back their bed, which I’d made while they were out.  Then we all went to bed and, believe me, I was exhausted.
I woke up before them the next morning to prepare breakfast, assuming they would want breakfast in bed again on Labor Day Monday.  Instead, not long after I was up, quarterback came down dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, carrying his luggage.  I was surprised, as I didn’t expect him to be leaving so soon.  He sat down to the bar and told me to go ahead and fix his breakfast.  He wanted to talk to me.  Alone.  As I began fixing his breakfast, he told me he was pleased with how the weekend had gone.  He also told me my cheerleader was very happy about things.  He asked me if I was okay.  I thought about it before answering, but the truth was that I was okay, and so I assured him I was.  He said that was good.  He also told me then that my cheerleader was going to write something that I was to post on my blog.  That stunned me.  And, of course, that has happened.  That is also when he told me that I was to write a detailed accounting of the weekend, which I have now done.  He explained that, from time to time, for the foreseeable future, he and/or my cheerleader may contribute to my blog and also may require me to post specific things about specific subject matters, and that they expected full compliance.  He made me assure him that I understood.  And I do.  Am I nervous about it?  You bet I am!  But am I prepared to follow their instructions?  The answer is yes.  I am.  After he had his talk with me, he left to return home.  About then cheerleader came downstairs dressed and ready for the day.  It turns out she’d suggested to quarterback that he leave early.  There was a baseball game that afternoon that she knew I wanted to attend, and so I was sent up to transform to my male alter ego and we had a wonderful Labor Day together.
The final thing quarterback told me to write about is how I feel about everything now.  That is so difficult.  First, I feel fortunate.  I broke a promise to my cheerleader when I created this blog.  She told me she didn’t want me putting stuff about us out there on the Internet.  But I needed somewhere to talk about some of the feelings that are swirling around in my little sissy brain.  And I had this incredible compulsion to tell my story.  That is no excuse, however.  So I feel lucky that she has accepted my blog.  As for this increased dominance of my cheerleader by her quarterback?  Who am I to comment?  Look at all that I’ve done to bring my cheerleader and me to this point?  No.  I cannot fault her for exploring her own feelings of submissiveness with a man who will always be her first, and best.  And so I intend to do what is needed of me, and to continue to be her sissy husband who looks after her desires.  Finally.  Truthfully?  I enjoyed the weekend.  I felt privileged to be permitted an inside look at how quarterback pleases my cheerleader, and likewise, how much pleasure she receives from him.  And to be permitted to be that intimate with each of them throughout the weekend was very exciting and I actually feel honored.  Am I still nervous about the future?  Very much so.  But I’m along for the ride. 
I’m going to close with this plea.  Don’t be hard on them.  They care about me.  I can tell.  My cheerleader loves me.  And I think quarterback is actually enjoying what I do for them too.