Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sissy Teaching Points

First off sissies, notice how perfectly Ms. Perry' has applied her pink lipstick.  Second, and perhaps the most important observation for sissies who yearn to be the best sissies for their wives, mistresses, and masters, notice the perfectly shaped "O" of Ms. Perry's lips.  They are ready to be used to the best purpose of any sissy in any situation.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sissy Rules

Whenever sissy is fluffing her wife's men, she is expected to maintain her succulent sissy lips in full red paint.
Sissy is always prepared for a refresh.
Then it is back to business for her.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Good Sissy

The good sissy always ensures that her wife's boyfriend is as hard and wet as possible before he is gently inserted inside of her wife.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sissy Belongs To Cheerleader

[NOTE - Anyone who is just beginning to read my blog might want to read the following early entries in my blog about my sissy journey before reading this latest entry: A Little More Background - Am I Sure I Should Do This? - I'm Afraid - These - Where It All Started - Then, These - Miss Flo - Caught For The First Time - About My Last Post - Bikini Panties!!! - A Virgin Bride (And Groom) - Exhausted Sissy Needs Stress Relief! - Sissy Marries Cheerleader - Sissy Makes Life With Cheerleader - Cheerleader Discovers Sissy - Cheerleader Accepts Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Grow - Cheerleader Asserts Control - Cheerleader Teases Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Settle In To New Home - Cheerleader Cucks Sissy - Cheerleader and Sissy Are Mentored - Sissy Offers Context For Cheerleader - Sissy Sees Her Future - Sissy Adapts To Chastity - Sissy And Cheerleader Spend A Weekend Apart – Our Weekend Apart Aftermath  Cheerleader Has A Heart-To-Heart With Sissy - Sissy And Cheerleader's Last Weekend With Andrea - Part One - Sissy And Cheerleader's Last Weekend With Andrea - Part Two - Cheerleader Thanks Sissy - Cheerleader Does A Sleepover - How My Cheerleader Vets Men - Cheerleader Flirts - With Purpose - Cheerleader Is A Happy Girl - Cheerleader Learns  Juggling Isnt Easy - Cheerleader Gets An Itch - My Cheerleader's Summer of Contentment – My Cheerleader and Her Quarterback -  Cheerleader and Sissy Reach Accord (And Satisfaction) - Sissy Catches Up, Cheerleader Goes Sailing - Discovered! - It Was Bound To Happen Sooner Or Later - Quarterback Discovers Leeanne - I Have Good News. And News - Quarterback Is Visiting For Labor Day - Cheerleader Speaks - My New Sissy Life - Kittens Love Cream.  These are the previous posts that tell the story about my sissy journey.]  
It has been a little over a month since my ex discovered my sissy's blog and we busted her.  As you have been made privy to by my sissy, she has experienced some new things since then.  But then again, so have I.  I have been silent since I last contributed to her blog.  Don't take that to mean I have been unaware of what she has been posting, or what her readers have offered by way of observations.  I must say, I am finding this entire thing quite intriguing.  I thought maybe it was time for me to share a little more about my observations.  I'm also replying to the comments left by readers on my first post on my sissy's blog - Cheerleader Speaks. 
May I make a small confession?  This entire thing - accepting my husband as a sissy - growing together as I learned that I do, in fact, enjoy cuckolding her - has been complicated for me.   And please understand something else - even though I have pointed out how this all began when she dropped the bomb on me that she had these feminine thoughts and feelings swirling around inside of her - and how hard it was for me to accept that the man I married wasn't - I do realize that it hasn't been all that easy on my sissy either.  Take, for example, this most recent experience she was put through by me and my ex - the kitten treatment as I call it - you've, no doubt read her recounting of the weekend.  I was there with a front row seat.  That was a difficult weekend for her.  Now, here is the twist.  I thought it was going to be difficult for me too.  I had some idea what my ex had in mind.  I even tried to talk him out of it at first.  But he convinced me we should do it.  I've even wondered if he hasn't figured something out about my sissy that I had not seen before - her deep and dark desire to be treated in such a fashion.  But I digress.  I should let her speak to that.  What I am trying to say is that I found myself getting off on it.  Seeing her like that?  Crawling behind me on her leash?  Submitting to my man in such a humiliating way.  I mean, seeing her on her hands and knees as he led her from the den up to our bedroom, the entire time my sissy being expected to keep her mouth locked onto his cock?  It was beyond the pale of anything I'd seen her submit to previously.  And then, when she wrote about her weekend as our kitten?  The way she described her reaction to being called a cocksucker by my ex?  I just don't even know how to describe how it affected me.  I mean, yes.  She sucks cocks.  I have watched her do it countless times now.  And I do see that she enjoys it and is very, very good at it.  But no one has ever called her a cocksucker.  That sounds so, well, degrading.  Especially to call another man a cocksucker.  But the thing is, when my sissy is sucking cock, she isn't a man.  Not really.  She is all feminine.  And that is why she is so good at it, in my opinion.  But it hit me as I read her recounting the kitten experience - she liked being called a cocksucker by my ex.  For the first man who ever had me to be calling my husband a cocksucker is a turn on for my sissy.  And now?  I'm finding that I kind of like it also.  I like the aspect of humiliation more now than I have in the past.  And I'm just not sure where else I want to go with it.  But I think I want to go elsewhere with it.  My ex may have opened my eyes to something - some aspect of my relationship with my sissy - that I just couldn't see on my own - much like the way Andrea made me see how much of a mutual thing cuckolding her could be back in the early stages. 
I have not shared these thoughts with my sissy before giving her this to post.  She'll be posting it as soon as I email it to her, along with all of my responses to her readers' questions and comments to me.  I look forward to reading what sort of reaction her readers will have to my thoughts.  Will you think me too tough on her?  Too mean?  Too what?  I want to know.



Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kittens Love Cream

[NOTE - Anyone who is just beginning to read my blog might want to read the following early entries in my blog about my sissy journey before reading this latest entry: A Little More Background - Am I Sure I Should Do This? - I'm Afraid - These - Where It All Started - Then, These - Miss Flo - Caught For The First Time - About My Last Post - Bikini Panties!!! - A Virgin Bride (And Groom) - Exhausted Sissy Needs Stress Relief! - Sissy Marries Cheerleader - Sissy Makes Life With Cheerleader - Cheerleader Discovers Sissy - Cheerleader Accepts Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Grow - Cheerleader Asserts Control - Cheerleader Teases Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Settle In To New Home - Cheerleader Cucks Sissy - Cheerleader and Sissy Are Mentored - Sissy Offers Context For Cheerleader - Sissy Sees Her Future - Sissy Adapts To Chastity - Sissy And Cheerleader Spend A Weekend Apart – Our Weekend Apart Aftermath  Cheerleader Has A Heart-To-Heart With Sissy - Sissy And Cheerleader's Last Weekend With Andrea - Part One - Sissy And Cheerleader's Last Weekend With Andrea - Part Two - Cheerleader Thanks Sissy - Cheerleader Does A Sleepover - How My Cheerleader Vets Men - Cheerleader Flirts - With Purpose - Cheerleader Is A Happy Girl - Cheerleader Learns  Juggling Isnt Easy - Cheerleader Gets An Itch - My Cheerleader's Summer of Contentment – My Cheerleader and Her Quarterback -  Cheerleader and Sissy Reach Accord (And Satisfaction) - Sissy Catches Up, Cheerleader Goes Sailing - Discovered! - It Was Bound To Happen Sooner Or Later - Quarterback Discovers Leeanne - I Have Good News. And News - Quarterback Is Visiting For Labor Day - Cheerleader Speaks - My New Sissy Life.  These are the previous posts that tell the story about my sissy journey.]  
First things first.  I have been instructed by quarterback to apologize for the lengthy delay reporting on the weekend he spent with my cheerleader and me three weeks ago.  And I do apologize.  Sincerely.  Unfortunately, sometimes my "other life" interferes with my blogging time, and the past three weeks are prime examples.  Between work and some other personal responsibilities, I simply have not had time to recount what was, undeniably, a momentous weekend in my sissy life.  My heartfelt appreciation is extended to quarterback for permitting me the time to get around to this report.
Friday afternoon, three weeks ago, my cheerleader summoned me home from work early to get ready for the weekend with quarterback.  Obviously, I was anxious as I expected something unusual to happen based upon the gifts he had sent to me earlier in the week, all inspired by this post from my Tumblr blog.
Still, I was in the dark as to precisely what he had in mind for the weekend.  Soon after I arrived home I began to formulate some understanding of what my weekend might be like, although I admit I would not have predicted how it actually turned out at such an early juncture.  As my cheerleader and I frequently did when one of her men were going to be visiting, we helped each other get ready with manicures and pedicures, as well as other grooming in intimate areas.  I knew things might get dicey for me when she told me she was going to shave my sissy private area completely, leaving only a tiny little landing strip.  She applied makeup skillfully around my eyes, leaving me with a very pretty and innocent look.  She then led me into our bedroom where she had laid out my Njoy butt plug, the gifts from quarterback - my fluffy kitten tail and ears - in addition to a very sexy, and especially sissy looking outfit consisting of pink alpaca wool shorts and a matching top, and fishnet pantyhose.
The thing about the outfit my cheerleader had laid out for me though, was that the pantyhose were open crotch and the pink alpaca wool shorts had been modified so that there was an opening up the back for my kitty tail to protrude out of after it was fastened to my Njoy plug.  Also lying on the bed was a full cup DDD pink bullet bra and my largest pair of breast forms - my Big Girls.  My cheerleader was watching me take in the outfit and then asked, "Are you ready sweetie?"  I looked at her and asked, "What is happening to me this weekend?"  She admitted she wasn't certain what her quarterback had in store for me, but that he had hinted that I was going to be their "pet" for the weekend, whatever that might mean.  I will tell you this - I was anxious about what was to come.  The previous weekend he had visited us had marked a new direction in the relationship between the three of us.  The news that I might be their “pet” forebode another major shift.
To help me control my chastity cage my cheerleader had me put on a tiny pink thong panty.  Then she had me bend over and she inserted the butt plug inside of me.  I put on the fishnets and the tight pink fluffy alpaca shorts, my bra, and then inserted my breast forms.  Finally, I pulled the pink alpaca top that came down only to just above my midriff, leaving my tummy exposed.  With the bullet bra stuffed with the equivalent of DDD breasts, the fluffy pink sweater fit snugly and accentuated the size of my breasts.  I then slipped on my five-inch high heels.  Finally, my cheerleader told me to turn around so she could attach my tail.  As she clipped it onto my Njoy plug I felt an odd sense of actually having a tail.  There was something about the way it hung and tugged at the butt plug that made it feel as though it were attached to my body.  She then told me to turn around so she could put my ears on me.  She was smiling in an odd way as she did it too.  It was like she was seeing me, even as her sissy husband, in a whole new way, as if she would never have imagined such a sight, but wasn't altogether disappointed.  After she put on my ears, she told me she one more thing to do.  When I asked what, she led me back to her makeup table.  There, she used a black eyeliner marker to carefully draw three lines on either side of my nose, dapple several dots on my cheeks, and then make the tip of my nose black.  Uh huh.  She drew kitten whiskers and a kitten nose on my face.  When she turned me to face the mirror, I was stunned.  I could not believe this is how I was going to be presented to her quarterback when he arrived in less than an hour.  I was going to feel so embarrassed and humiliated.  But I also knew I was going to go through with it.  Honest?  I was conflicted and excited.  The image in my brain in that moment was one of me, on my hands and knees, crawling behind quarterback with his cock in my mouth, just like in my Tumblr post.
My cheerleader sent me downstairs to wait for her quarterback to arrive while she dressed.  I was not involved in selecting her outfit for the evening, but I can't say that I was surprised when she came down looking especially sexy in a short black sheath dress that fell just above mid-thigh.  Her makeup was flawless and sensual.  Together, we prepared some snacks for her quarterback's arrival.  She had me prepare her a Cosmopolitan to drink, and told me to get the ingredients ready to make her quarterback a Manhattan when he got there.  It was a bit odd for her to have me get the drink ingredients ready in advance like that.  Normally, I would simply find out what he wanted when he arrived and then prepare it for him.  This was another hint as to how the weekend would go.  Shortly after, the doorbell rang and my cheerleader told me to go answer the door.  She followed me as I walked to the front hall, feeling very self-conscious about my appearance, to greet her quarterback.
As I swung the door open to let her quarterback inside, his expression was sort of priceless.  I suppose he had a certain expectation of what I'd look like, but it seems his imagination of what he was expecting and what he actually saw were a bit out of kilter.  He looked at my cheerleader and said, "Well, well!  What a pretty kitty you have!"  She actually giggled and replied, "Thank you sweets.  Glad you like her."  "Oh I like her!  But she is missing something."  From behind his back quarterback pulled a hand that was holding a pink collar on which the word, "Kitten," was embroidered, and to which there was a pink ribbon leash attached.  I was dumbfounded and speechless.  My cheerleader's quarterback was going to collar me!  "Come here kitty," he said in a tone that I understood was not going to broach any disagreement from me.  He attached the collar around my neck and then said, "Down kitty.  On your knees."  I was so fucking stunned at this point that I couldn't move.  "Now!" he said forcefully.  I quickly sank to my knees in front of him, at which he smiled and said, "Good kitty."  He then handed the end of the leash to my cheerleader and said, "Here love.  Bring our kitten into the den and fix me my drink."
And so began my weekend as my cheerleader's and her quarterback's pet kitten.  On my hands and knees, I crawled behind my cheerleader as she led me on the pink leash that her ex-husband had rather unceremoniously attached to my neck.  As I crawled I was suddenly acutely aware of my long fluffy tail swishing back and forth, tugging on my butt plug as it did, making me feel very much like a pet, at least in some fashion.  After leading me into the den, my cheerleader handed the leash back to her quarterback and excused herself to go make his Manhattan, her reason for having me set out the ingredients for her becoming clear to me then.
After my cheerleader left us alone, quarterback smiled at me in a way that made me sense that he was enjoying his little game.  "Say 'meow' kitty," he said.  I hesitated a slight beat, but then, said, "Meow."  "Good kitty," he said.  "That's what kittens say.  Do you understand?"  I did understand.  If I was going to be a kitten, I would talk like a kitten.  Nodding my head, I replied, "Meow."  "Very good kitty!" he complimented me.  "There's one more thing kitty.  Do you know what kittens like?"  I shook my head and whispered, "Meow" in a questioning tone.  "Kittens like cream.  No," he corrected himself.  "Kittens love cream!  And you will get plenty of cream this weekend.  Do you understand?"  I didn't have a moment of confusion at what he was saying.  I nodded and purred, "Meow."  He smiled at me, seemingly satisfied that I understood his intentions, and sat back waiting for my cheerleader to bring him his drink.
My cheerleader returned with drinks for the two of them and sat next to her quarterback on our sofa.  He pulled her to him and kissed her possessively, fondling her breasts as he did so, me on my knees next to them.  He then toasted her with his drink glass clinking on hers.  "I love our new pet babe.  Don't you?"  My cheerleader actually blushed as she said, "She is cute.  I have to admit it."  "Yes.  She is a cute kitten.  I think she might be thirsty.  I think she needs some cream."  My cheerleader actually seemed confused about what he meant.  Before she could respond, quarterback said to me, "Kitty.  It's time for your first feeding," as he glanced down at his crotch.  Then the recognition hit my cheerleader.  “Oh!  I see,” she said.  Her quarterback then said, “You may feed her first.  Then me.”  My cheerleader smiled at what he was suggesting.  Then she looked at me and said, “Here kitty,” as she sat back and opened her thighs, inviting me to attend to her.  I crawled to her and said, “Meow,” as I pushed her dress up to her waist.  She was not wearing any panties.  Her pussy was wet, revealing her arousal already.  I leaned in to taste her, slowly licking the length of her slit, well aware that her quarterback’s eyes were watching me intently.  As I pleasured my cheerleader, I could hear her quarterback unfastening his belt buckle and then his pants.  He stood and pushed them down, stepping out of them, and then sat back down.  Reaching to me, he took my hand and placed it on his cock.  He was thick and soft, but I could feel him growing harder within my hand.  As I continued to suck and lick my cheerleader, I slowly masturbated him.  My cheerleader leaned over and began sucking the tip of his cock into her mouth and I could hear his groan of appreciation as she sucked him while I stroked him.
After cheerleader and I continued like that for a while, quarterback said, “Get on my cock babe!  Now!”  My cheerleader stood up, shoving me back on my haunches, and straddled his lap, settling slowly onto his rigid cock while I watched from beneath them on the floor.  He was so thick and spread her wet slit wide as she took him inside of her, slowly but hungrily, sighing and moaning as he pierced her.  When she hit bottom she wiggled her ass on him as if relishing the sensation of being so full of his dick.  Quarterback groaned, “Oh yeah!  I’ve missed that cunt!”  Then to me, he said, “Suck my balls kitty while I fuck your wife.”  I replied, “Meow,” and crawled under them, quarterback saying, “Good kitty,” as he resumed fucking my cheerleader.  My cheerleader began riding her quarterback’s cock hard, lifting and settling back on him, each time she hit bottom her ass bounced on top of my head as I sucked and licked his heavy ballsack.  I could tell he loved it when I sucked his balls as he seemed to make me do it a lot.  Their fucking quickly became fast and furious as they got down to the first fuck of the weekend and soon I could feel him shooting his load inside of my cheerleader’s pussy, her crying and mewing and moaning and telling him over and over how much she loved his cock.  As his sperm began oozing out of my cheerleader, quarterback said, “Get all of your cream kitten.  Don’t miss a drop.  That’s your number one job this weekend.  Cleaning up the cream.”
While I licked the sperm leaking out of my cheerleader, she continued to squirm around on his cock, savoring being filled by him.  With each shift by her pussy on his cock, more of his cum worked its way out of her and onto his cock where I licked and sucked it off of him.  After a few minutes he pushed her up and off of him, telling me to clean her out and then finish him off.  My cheerleader sat back down on the sofa and opened her thighs to allow me to get in close to clean her out thoroughly.  When I finished with her I moved to her quarterback and began licking him clean.  As I did, I took him in my mouth and could feel him growing hard again.  Fuck!  Were they going to fuck again?  I could feel him getting turned on and then I saw him grab my cheerleader’s hand and put it on his cock.  She began fondling him as I sucked him.  “Go on babe.  Feed our kitten another load.  She looks hungry.”  And so my cheerleader began jacking her quarterback off until he began spewing another load of his jizz directly into my hungry sissy kitten mouth.  I should probably have been embarrassed to be doing what I was doing, and so eagerly, but I didn’t feel that way at all.  No.  I wanted his sperm.  So much!
Unlike other weekends in the past, I wasn’t their maid servant during the weekend.  The entire weekend I was in kitten mode, wearing the same outfit and doing one thing only – cleaning up the sperm that quarterback pumped into my cheerleader.  When I wasn’t doing that, I was at their feet waiting to do that.  They spent the entire weekend as though I were nothing more than their pet, but I could tell the two of them were enjoying their little game.  That first night, when they got ready for bed, quarterback reenacted the post that inspired him to turn me into his little kitten for the weekend, giving my leash to my cheerleader and making me crawl behind him with my mouth locked onto his cock as he walked upstairs to our bedroom.  It was humiliating to be doing it with my cheerleader watching me like that, but I had suspected it was going to happen before the weekend was over.  What I was not expecting was to find that my cheerleader, at her quarterback’s instructions, had moved an air mattress into our bedroom and situated it next to our bed on the floor.  I was going to be sleeping in their room, like a pet kitten would do, available whenever they needed me to clean them after they fucked.  When we got there quarterback saw me looking at the mattress on the floor and said, “Do you like your bed kitty?  You’ll be sleeping there this weekend in case we need you.  And we will.”  I felt as powerless as I’d ever felt anytime in my sissy life.  What did I do?  I purred, “Meow,” and crawled onto my bed. 
Quarterback and cheerleader took off their clothes and climbed into bed and immediately began making love for a long time.  Lying there in the dark, listening to my cheerleader giving herself to her first husband, showing him how much she craved him physically, I felt oddly alone in the room.  She, and he, truly carried on as though I were not there – that they were not making warm, erotic and passionate love while my cheerleader’s husband listened in.  It was as though I were a pet.  My cheerleader was hungry for him too, mewing and telling him how much she loved sucking his cock and urging him to bite her nipples harder as she responded to everything he was doing to her.  Then he was fucking her.  I could see from the mattress on the floor that she was on her hands and knees as he mounted her doggie style and began grunting as he pounded her pussy, all with her constant encouragement to fuck her harder.  I could sense more than see when they finished, the two of them panting as he collapsed on top of my cheerleader.  Then, “Kitty,” quarterback called,  “Come.”  I sat up and said, “Meow,” then crawled up on the bed.  Quarterback rolled off of my cheerleader onto his back, and she flipped over next to him on her back, her thighs falling wide for me to begin performing my job.  I licked and sucked quarterback’s cock clean and then went to my cheerleader.  His thick, milky sperm was drooling out of her and I just knew there would be a heavy load inside of her for me to clean.  As I began, my cheerleader said, “Easy kitty.  It’s sore.  Be gentle.”  I answered, “Meow,” and proceeded to very softly and gently lick and suck her clean, bringing her to another orgasm before being dismissed to my bed by quarterback. 
My cheerleader cooed and cuddled her quarterback while I lay on my kitten bed alone, but totally privy to their intimacy.  As I lay there listening to her feminine sounds as she whispered soft words of adoration to her quarterback, I couldn’t help but think of the amazing history my cheerleader and her quarterback had.  They went all of the way back to high school, that time in their lives when everything was new and exciting and they were relatively carefree.  He was the big dog in their high school.  He wasn’t just the quarterback of the football team – it was a championship team.  And she was the head cheerleader.  I imagined what it must have been like for her – and him – to have connected with each other and to reached the point in their relationship when they “went all of the way.”  And for her to have lucked out and had her first time be with a boy who was so well endowed as her quarterback.  It’s no wonder she married him and had children with him.  And it is also no wonder that she is so into him again, now that she has the opportunity.  He is a living, breathing sexual god.  He is handsome and fit and has stamina to spare.  And my cheerleader has an insatiable appetite for having sex with him. 
And then there is me.  I was a virgin through high school, college and even my entire first marriage.  To have been a virgin most of my formative youthful and early adult years has to be something few men experience.  And then, when I met my cheerleader and she, somehow, led me from that?  It was a blessing like no other to me at the time.  I sometimes wonder what would have been had I kept my secret from her – that I was compelled to wear women’s lingerie and to be submissive to her?  Would I still be the man in the bed with her who she would be giving herself to?  Would I be the man lying next to her listening to her tell me how much she loves my cock and begging me to fuck her again?  Would she have ever given a second thought to her quarterback, the real man who took her cherry, gave her two sons, but then cheated on her and threw her world into a tailspin for a time?  In a way, I thought as I lay there on my kitten bed, if it weren’t for her quarterback cheating on her I may never have found the woman who took my virginity and has allowed me to become the sissy I am today.  I should be thankful for him, I thought then, and made a quiet resolve to myself to show both of them how much I appreciated what they were permitting me to live out.
As my cheerleader and her quarterback grew quiet, I could sense sleep coming to them and, eventually, it came to me as well.  At first I thought I was dreaming when I heard my cheerleader whispering in my ear, “Sissy.  Sissy wake up.”  I opened my eyes and she was next to me on the floor.  “Good morning,” I whispered.  She smiled.  “Good morning.  Get up.  I want to get you ready for the day.  Come on,” she told me as she stood to go to her dressing room.  When we got there she explained that she wanted to help me “freshen up” my makeup.  She helped me undress and told me to shower and, when I was dried off, she helped me redress and then skillfully reapplied my eye makeup and my kitty whiskers.  “There!” she said, satisfied.  “Now go downstairs and prepare some breakfast and bring it back up here and leave it next to our bed.”  I looked at her, seeing how into me being her and her quarterback’s kitten she was.  “Meow,” I replied playfully.  She giggled.  “Oh kitty!  You are so cute!  Now scoot,” she said as she slapped me on my kitty bottom.  I laughed and swished my tail for her, drawing another giggle from her.  “I want to see more of that today.  Tom will love it!”  “Meow!”
When I returned to the bedroom with coffee and muffins I walked in to find my cheerleader on her back with her quarterback towering over her, holding her legs spread wide over her head as he drove in and out of her pussy.  My cheerleader was repeating, in a voice that was more sighing and moaning, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”  Her quarterback was complying with her plaintive cries.  I stopped in my tracks, watching from behind as his fat, wet cock drove in and out of my cheerleader’s wet pussy, her hungry pussy lips, stretched wide, drawing him in and out of her.  Quarterback slowed for a moment and looked over his shoulder at me.  “Come here kitty,” he said.  I walked to the night table and set my tray down.  “Lick her nipples kitty,” he told me.  “Meow,” I replied, swishing my tail.  “Oh fuck!  Good kitty!” he said to me.  Leaning over my cheerleader as her quarterback continued to drive in and out of her, I began licking her breasts, making them wet, stopping to nibble on her enlarged titties every lick or two.  Cheerleader put her hands on the back of my head and began directing me, “Good kitty.  Such a good kitty!”  Loving my role suckling on my cheerleader’s breasts as her quarterback grunted and groaned as he fucked her, I was not paying attention when he suddenly pulled out of her and began spraying her breasts and my face with a thick rope of sperm.  He let go of her legs, letting them fall to the bed, and he crawled up her stomach and continued cumming on her tits as I kept sucking them.  He then began rubbing his dick all over her breasts in his sperm and alternately putting his cock in my mouth and rubbing it on her breasts.  I was licking and sucking furiously as I tried to take care of each of them, trying to be a good kitten cleaning up all of quarterback’s cream.  It was one of the hottest scenes my cheerleader and I had ever engaged in together.
When they were finally satisfied, quarterback told me to pour coffee for them and to wait on my kitten bed.  I served them breakfast in bed and then got on my kitten bed and waited obediently, just like a kitty, again listening to my cheerleader coo and play with her quarterback, her complete sexual satisfaction evident.  After a while the two of them got up and went into our bathroom to shower.  I was simply an observer of their morning together, nothing more than the kitten I was being treated as.  After exiting the shower, my cheerleader dressed in a babydoll and a thin see-through thong.  Quarterback put on a pair of loose gym shorts and a t-shirt.  Then quarterback fastened my leash to me and my cheerleader led me downstairs where we hung out for the rest of the day watching football.  Throughout the day my cheerleader and her quarterback fucked several times and I dutifully cleaned them up.  I worked hard to play up my role as their kitty as best I could, and think I pulled it off, as they seemed to enjoy when I crawled everywhere on my hands and knees, and rubbed up against their legs just like a kitten would.  But I think the thing they enjoyed most was the eagerness I showed whenever it was time for me to clean up quarterback’s sperm.
Saturday night was spent much like Friday and ended with me sleeping beside their bed on my kitten bed air mattress, listening to my cheerleader voice and prove her desire for him and his cock throughout the night.  Twice during the night I was called up to clean them before being dismissed to my bed for the rest of the night.
I was awoken in the morning by quarterback when he got up to go to the bathroom.  He stopped by my bed and knelt down to fasten my leash onto my collar and whispered, “Come kitty,” and led me on my hands and knees down to our kitchen.  Down there he told me to make him some coffee.  As he stood behind me, I could feel his eyes upon me.   Feeling frisky, I swished my tail and purred, “Meow.”  He laughed.  “You are something, you know that?”  I replied, “Meow?”  “I can’t believe you are really letting me do all of this to you,” he said bluntly.  “Letting me fuck your wife.  You doing whatever, it seems, we ask of you.  Why?”  It hit me.  He was seriously asking me to explain myself.  I finished making the coffee and turned to hand him his mug.  There we were in my kitchen, me dressed like a sissy kitty, and him completely nude, his thick cock hanging heavily between his thighs, face-to-face, when I said, “I sometimes ask myself the same question.  I don’t know what to tell you other than I always come back to because I love her.  And I have this need deep inside of me that is being filled too.  I know someone like you probably can’t understand it.”  He looked quizzically at me.  “What do you mean, ‘someone like me?’”  “I mean, a real man.  You’re a real man.  I’m a sissy.  We’re different.”  Quarterback sipped his coffee and looked at me for a few minutes before finally saying, “I suppose that makes some sense.  And it’s okay.  We’re okay.  Right?”  Sensing that we were reaching some sort of understanding between us, and that he had meant for us to have such a chat, I assured him.  “Yes.  We are okay.”  He smiled and said, “Good.  Now, down kitty!” he ordered me.  I smiled and sank to my knees on the floor and looked up at him.  “Come.”  I crawled to him and as I got near he lifted his cock from between his legs and pointed in toward my mouth.  I opened wide and took him inside of my mouth.  As I did he began walking backward and said, “Come kitty,” and I obeyed him, crawling behind him to the den keeping his cock in my mouth the entire time.  
He sat down on the couch and said, “Time for cream kitty.  It’s all yours.”  And so I began giving him a long, slow, wet blowjob.  Just me and quarterback.  I slowly licked him all over, making him wet and slick with my kitten tongue, then dipped low and sucked his balls into my mouth, stroking his now hard and wet shaft with my fingers.  I began alternately taking the head of his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around on him and then licking him in long wet strokes with my tongue, coaxing groans of appreciation from quarterback.  At one point he said, “You really are a great cocksucker kitty.”  I smiled when he said it, happy to receive his compliment.  In response, I took him once deep, and then bobbed my head up and down on him in rapid strokes of my mouth, jacking him off with one hand and rubbing his ballsack with the other.  Soon I could sense him responding and knew he was about to cum in my mouth.  The first load hit the back of my throat like a jet as he groaned, “Fuck!  Yes!”  I maintained my lock on his cock so that all of his sperm went inside of my mouth.  He pumped load after load into my mouth.  I was able to take all of it without dripping any.  When he was finished he let his cock slip from between my lips and sat back on the couch, looking at me, a self-satisfied smile on my face.  Smiling back at me quarterback said, “Good kitty.  That was your reward for being a good kitty this weekend.”  “Meow,” I replied in thanks.  He stood then and said, “Stay down here for a while.  I need to go back up and take care of your wife.”  “Meow,” I answered.  Before he left he unclipped the leash from my collar.
Quarterback went upstairs to my cheerleader.  I sat alone in our den thinking about the unusual morning alone with him.  He had told me I was a good cocksucker.  He had called me a cocksucker.  I don’t know how to describe how I felt when he uttered those words to me.  “You really are a great cocksucker kitty.”  On the one hand, it was humiliating to hear my wife’s ex-husband call me a cocksucker.  And yet, on the other hand, I liked that he called me a cocksucker.  I mean, I know I do love sucking cock.  And I really love sucking quarterback’s cock.  But I don’t really sit around thinking of myself as a cocksucker.  But that is what he thought of me.  I was a cocksucker.  His cocksucker.  And he thinks I am a great cocksucker too.  I like that.  I could only wonder how this relationship was going to continue to develop over time.  But I felt we had reached a special moment between the two of us.  Capping off our discussion with me pleasuring him one-on-one as I had also felt like a special moment, although I found out later that my cheerleader knew he was doing it.  
It was around noon when the two of them came downstairs, dressed and apparently ready to go out.  Quarterback had his travel bag in his hand.  Quarterback said, “We’re going out for lunch kitty.  Then I’m leaving.  Be good while we’re gone.”  “Meow,” I answered.  My cheerleader walked to me and kissed me softly on my mouth.  “Good kitty,” she whispered.  While they were gone, I began cleaning things up in the kitchen, then went upstairs to make our bed.  I had no idea what sort of plans my cheerleader would have for us for the rest of the day, or whether I should stay in kitten mode, so I stayed dressed as I was until she returned.  Quarterback dropped her off without coming inside.  When she slammed the door, she called out, “Here kitty!  Here kitty!”  I was in the den when I heard her.  Unsure what to do, I opted to crawl to her like I had throughout the weekend, swishing my kitten tail as I did.  When she saw me she giggled.  “Oh kitty!  I love how you do that!”  She walked up to me and said, “Come kitty,” and led me back toward the den.  Sitting on the couch, she looked at me, exploring my eyes for clues about what I was thinking.  “So,” she began, “I understand you and Tom had a talk this morning.”  I told her we had.  “How was this for you this weekend baby?” she asked me.  “Did you enjoy being our pet?”  Another conversation was happening.  This was my day of one-on-one chats with my cheerleader and her quarterback.  I admitted that I did, in fact, enjoy it.  I also told her I did not know if I would want to do it every visit, but that this had been a unique weekend.  She smiled and told me that she had enjoyed it also, and that she expected her quarterback would want to do it again, and that the choice to do, or not, would not be mine, but hers.  I assured her that I understood that.  Finally she said, “There may be just a bit more cream for you kitty, if you want it.”  Smiling her bright eyes at me, she asked, “Do you?”  I smiled back at her and replied, “Meow!”  She laughed loudly and told me to get busy then.  And so I crawled up to her and lifted her skirt, removed her panties, inside of which was evidence of sperm leakage from her.  I pulled them off of her and then leaned in and began to slowly and softly make love to my cheerleader in the best way that I knew how – using my sissy kitten mouth and tongue to drive her over the edge in a way that I was confident that she loved, even if it wasn’t exactly what she was able to achieve from her quarterback and other real men.  This was something her sissy husband could give her that her real men could not.  I was happy knowing that we would always have that.  That afternoon I made my cheerleader cry out and scream as I gave her such enormous orgasms as I cleaned the last vestige of her quarterback out of her pussy.  When I was finished, I sat at her feet, rubbing her legs and making her know how much I worshipped her.  I remained her kitten for the rest of the afternoon, until she told me to go upstairs and change into something more comfortable for the evening while she made us dinner.  We had a wonderful evening lounging in the den watching television, me dressed in a pretty pink babydoll and her wearing an oversized t-shirt her quarterback had left behind.
All-in-all, it was a unique and incredible weekend.  I know many will question me about how I could submit to such treatment.  I get it.  But I can only respond in the same way I responded to quarterback – this is me.  This is who I am.  There is something inside of me that craves this sort of submission and I’m beginning to sense that quarterback may, actually, get it.  Because of that, and because my cheerleader is enjoying it, I’m going to continue to see where things go.  And while I know I may appear to be a tool to some - a weak sissy who has no ability to stand up for herself - please know that I am completely aware that if I really, really did not want to do these things, it is within me to put an end to them.  The thing is though, I don’t want it to stop.  Not yet anyway.  Finally, I’m sorry I’ve been absent so long.  I was told no blogging on my site until I submitted this for review and posting.  I hope to get things back on track now for a while.

 Postscript - My cheerleader and her quarterback have just completed their review of this account about my first weekend as their pet.  They approve.  I have been told that I can expect to spend future weekends in a pet role.  My cheerleader is already shopping for a new kitten outfit for me to wear.  My quarterback said simply, "Good cocksucker kitty."