Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Man v Sissy

When a man fucks a woman, he'll come in from behind and drive her wild.
When a sissy wants to satisfy a woman, she'll help her suck her lover's cock.

Woman v. Sissy

When a sissy wants to please a woman, she does it like this:
When a woman wants to please her sissy, she does it like this:

The Party

Miss Sharon and her girlfriend ready me to serve their guests at their party tonight.  
 I won't need my hands they advise, thus the cuffs.  To make me a more compliant sissy they say.

Man v. Sissy

When a man is hungry for a woman, he satisfies himself like this:
When a sissy is hungry for a woman, she satisfies herself like this:

Woman v Sissy

When a woman is alone, and wants to enjoy sexual feelings, she does this:
When a sissy is alone and wants to enjoy sexual feelings, she does this:

Man v. Sissy

When a man decides to take a woman, he takes her anyway that he wants to.  And she loves it.
When a sissy wants to please a woman, she will do it however her woman wants.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leeanne Is Such A Slut!

I believe she would suck the cock of every man on a football team simply for a few minutes between Miss Sharon's thighs.  She is indeed a most precious sissy.

Going Clubbing

I'd been excited all day.  This morning, before she left for  work, my wife told me we were going out clubbing tonight.  
Now that I saw what she insisted I wear, I was feeling a little apprehensive.  Didn't she think this was a little too sissy?  "Not at all," she'd replied.  "Not at all."

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?


I had to admit, I loved the way my new titties felt.  In fact, I was finding that I couldn't leave them alone.
It didn't hurt that my wife made me go braless most of the time now.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Man Just For Her, by Caitlyn's Mask

I just had to reblog this here.  Caitlyn, the genius behind Caitlyn's Mask, created this amazing caption, "A Man Just For Her," for me.  I am beside myself in awe at how fantastic it is, and am honored that she went to so much effort for me.  I keep saying I'm going to do a caption soon, and when I do, I aim to repay Caitlyn for this masterpiece - in my humble opinion.  Follow hyperlink in Caitlyn's blog entry title to view entire caption. 

The Consummation

It is our wedding night, and time for that most special moment in the lives of two people preparing to spend a lifetime together - consummation of the marriage.
But first, I have to prepare her pussy for penetration by the huge cock she anticipates to "seal the deal."  And then, I must fluff that cock for her, so that he will be big and hard as he fills her pussy.  I'm thankful to my brother for being such an agreeable Best Man.

What, Exactly, Is The Point?

Know what I mean?

"Come Leeanne," Called Miss Sharon.

"On your knees my sweet and precious sissy.  Approach!  You may worship my ass.  But no hands!"
The Lovely Miss Sharon
Please follow the link to visit Miss Sharon's blog, Sharon's Musings.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Move

My wife has me practice this feminine movement a minimum of 25 times per day, as part of my squat regimen.
She calls it my "Signature Sissy Move."

The Lovely Miss Sharon

I was mesmerized by Miss Sharon's incredible long and sexy legs, her luscious breasts, and her beautiful blonde mane.  Watching her dress for her party, I could only long for an opportunity to worship her femininity.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shy Sissy

I was dressing in the guest room, where I slept when my wife had a lover spend the night with her in our bedroom, when her lover from the previous night walked in on me, catching me off guard.  I was embarrassed for him to see my tiny little sissy clit.  He only wanted to thank me for letting him fuck my wife.  "You're welcome," I whispered shyly, holding my pettipants in front of my clitty.

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?


Yes sir!  Whatever you want sir!
My wife's training was clear.  Always please her men.

Coming Out Party

My wife had brought me along slowly, feminizing me and bringing me to accept my role as her sissy husband over the course of our first year of marriage.  Tonight, though, she had explained, I was to make my debut to her girlfriends, whose husbands they had already feminized and turned into their sissy servants.  In fact, their sissy husbands were providing the maid service for my big night, but my job would be to entertain her and her girlfriends' boyfriends, who relished their role of breaking in a newly feminized hubby.
Later, after the party, my wife explained that the blindfold was intended to keep me unihibited, which I surely would have been had I known that the boyfriends I was entertaining were all guys from my college fraternity.

Oh Leeanne!

"I don't know what you are better at - sucking cock for me.  Or eating my pussy.  You are a very good sissy Leeanne!" Miss Sharon exclaimed.  "Very good!"
"Thank you Miss Sharon.  But I always prefer your pussy."

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Cocktail Party

Tonight was a special night.  My wife and her sister were throwing a re-union cocktail party for their college sorority sisters and their husbands.  My brother-in-law and I were going to serve, but first we had to help each other get dressed in the designated attire.
How our wives would explain the absence of their husbands was something she had told me not to concern myself with.

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?

This Is How You Do It

My wife was demonstrating to her girlfriend, who was thinking of feminizing her husband, how she trained me to fluff her lovers for her.

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?

Sissy Lips

Seriously!  Are those not the most "wish they were mine" delicious sissy lips?

Waiting For Me

My wife had laid out the ground rules before her boss arrived for dinner.  I would serve them dressed in my French maid's outfit.  Then, after undressing her, almost completely, I'd fluff her boss for her while she went to our bedroom to wait for him. 
This way, she explained, he would feel comfortable knowing that I approved his spending the night.
 I could almost feel her watching me, on my knees, sucking him as she went upstairs to wait for him.

Which One Is The Sissy?

Bad Girl Leeanne!

Miss Sharon did not say, "NOW!"
You know you may not cum until I give your command.  Now, lick it off like a good sissy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?

Sucking Cock For Miss Sharon

Miss Sharon loves to watch sissy Leeanne suck cock.  And she enjoys giving Leeanne instruction on how she should suck cock for Miss Sharon.
 Watching Leeanne devour this cock for her, and how she swallows all of the man's sperm, pleases Miss Sharon.