Friday, November 30, 2012

The Telltale Sign?

What has this sissy been doing all night?  She kind of looks like she's had a long night.  But doing what?  What a sissy should be doing, of course.  Serving others.  On her knees.  Where she belongs.  And how do you know?  Look at her stockings.  See the holes in her knees?  There you go. 

"He's Fucking Meeee Honey!"

My wife screamed, as if I couldn't hear from the chair I sat in next to our bed.

Another Reason For Chastity Cages

If this sissy were properly caged, she couldn't get away with this sort of laziness.  She'd have to squat to pee, or else risk peeing all over herself.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sissy Sips

Enjoy this while you can sissy.  But make no mistake.  Your wife knows precisely what she is doing.  Soon, you'll willingly sip whatever she (or her lover) puts into that champagne glass.

Perfect Posture

"Yes sissy," my mother-in-law pronounced.  "You are getting the hang of it.  I think very soon it will be time for you to return to my daughter.  You weren't much of a husband to her.  But you'll make a very satisfactory maid."

The Package

My wife had been telling me how her boss had been flirting with her at work, and how she thought maybe he might be considering her for the executive sales position.  She invited him for dinner tonight, to discuss the opening.  I was to greet him at the door dressed in my French maid's dress, and then, instead of showing him to the living room, I was to direct him to our bedroom where he would find my wife dressed so, neatly wrapped in a bow. 
Needless to say, they didn't eat dinner until much later.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Do You Think?

Of course I plan to be fucked tonight sissy.  Just not by you.  Tyrone is on his way over.  you better slip into your maid's uniform to greet him.  He likes that. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

The good sissy knows - Practice makes perfect.

The Waiting Game

My wife loves it when I lick her clean after her boyfriend fucks her. 
But she also gets a kick out of seeing me catch the first glob of his sperm when he pulls out of her.

How To Seduce A Man

This poor sissy.  She's been reading every book in the library trying to learn the secret to seducing a man.  And the entire time, the secret was standing right there.  Wearing heels.  All she needed was to ask her wife.

Thanksgiving Dessert

I cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal for my wife, her boss and several of their colleagues.  The only thing she was responsible for was the desserts.  She did make a pecan pie, but the guests ate all of that.  When the only ones left were my wife, her boss, and me, I made the mistake of complaining that I had not gotten any of the pie.  This was the solution my wife came up with to make it up to me.
  Fresh creampie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hands On Sissy

That's me.  Rubbing my wife's excited clit with my fingers as our neighbor fills her pussy more than she'd ever experienced from me.

"It's For Your Own Good."

That was what my mother-in-law told me every time she administered another dose of the hormone treatment that was gradually removing the last vestiges of my manhood, such as it was.  I no longer tried to argue with her or fight it.  She was right.  It was for my own good.  I was a much better sissy husband to my wife than I ever was trying to please her as a man.

Which One Is The Sissy?

Actually, we're all fraternity brothers.
And our new job is cleaning our Sister sorority's house.

Sissy Intercourse

This is the only acceptable manner a woman should let her sissy insert a cock inside of her pussy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sissy Riding Lessons

The only thing my wife is missing is her crop.

The First Week

The first week I was home from receiving breast implants, my wife insisted that I go braless, and to wear see-through tops.  She was mesmerized by my new acquisitions.  Tonight, she had invited her sister over to see the new me.

Sisters, Sisters

There were never such devoted sisters.
Never had to have a chaperone, "No sir!"
I'm there to keep my eye on her.
Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress, and I stayed home.
All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two diff'rent faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one.
Those who've
Seen us
Know that not a thing can come between us.
Many men have tried to split us up but no one can.
Lord help the Mister
Who comes between me and my sister.
And Lord help the sister
Who comes between me and my man.
Irving Berlin

Oh My God!

Those were the only words my wife seemed capable of speaking as her ex-boyfriend from college fucked her repeatedly in our bed last night.  Sitting nearby, seeing her look of ecstacy, I could only accept my new reality.  She would never be satisfied by little clit again.

The Power of the Feather

My wife was totally enthralled as her mother demonstrated how something as soft as a feather could be used in such a powerful manner to tease and, ultimately, control a man.  Or, well, at least, a sissy, which is what they'd turned me into.


I was frozen in my tracks when she approached me from her bedroom down the hall.  I knew she was a voluptuous woman, obviously, but seeing her dressed as she was, I was reduced to pure admiration.  Thus, I was unprepared when she slapped me, and had me on my knees, within seconds of her approach.  "On your knees sissy!" she ordered.  "Don't look at me" she hissed.  "I think it's time you learned a few things about how to treat my daughter.  And we'll start with showing you how to please a woman.  With your tongue."

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Nub of the Situation

The smaller my sissy clitty became, the more like a girl I had to learn to masturbate.  It was down to a tiny nub now, and since it was too small to even hold with my fingers, this was the only way to get myself off.  Of course, this was my wife's ultimate goal for me.



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

"Oh yeah baby," my wife purred as she slipped her hand inside of her panties.  "It's full.  Verrryyy full.  And very wet!  Now get over here and do your thing."


And waiting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Which One Is The Sissy?

This one is tricky.
I mean, one looks like she's the sissy.  But the same one acts like she's in charge.

Oooooo! Ahhhhh! Mmmmm!

For some sissy pleasures, there are no words. 
Only sounds.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Treatment

It is a proven scientific fact.  Sperm improves a woman's (and sissy's) complexion.
Whether applied topically.

Or administered orally.
Sperm is good for you.


That's how many pairs of panties I own.  Am I a sissy, or what?!  Here's a small sample:

She Likes To Watch

My wife likes to finger herself while she watches me fluff her lovers.  
 But eventually, she’s going to make me move to the side while she gets fucked.  The next place my mouth will be is planted between her thighs cleaning her pussy.

Which One Is The Sissy?

I know.  Some of these seem like stupid questions.  But I have to ask.

Monday, November 19, 2012

On Your Back Sissy!

You know where I want your mouth.  Now!

Follow Me

My wife let her clothes lie on the floor where she took them off as she methodically moved toward our bedroom.  I stood by dumbfounded.   “Come along sissy,” she directed me. “My pussy is full and awaits your mouth.”

Making Her Point

Who's is charge sissy?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Fall To Grace - Chapter 25

I've just posted on Fictionmania a new chapter to my story being shown there - My Fall To Grace - Chapter 25
 Grace Andrews is a beautiful, confident, successful woman. She could have any man she wanted. She chose Dan Thompson, a successful Washington, D.C. attorney. This second story of mine, that will be released in installments, chronicles their relationship as it grows and flourishes, developing into something perhaps neither one could have envisioned the first night they met in a D.C. bar. In this episode, Grace and Dan's mother's meet each other as they celebrate their engagement.  I hope readers enjoy my effort. Readers Note: This is a long story.  I'll keep installments coming.  I love getting reader feedback.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Catch!

Earlier today, Saragirl posted a very useful bit of advice for wives in handling their sissy when she sucks her first cock.  See the link below.
 Saragirl's post represents the stick method of training a sissy.  
I point out, however, that all sissies used to be little boys, whose daddies tried desperately, and in vain, to encourage their budding sissies to play manly games.  The encouragement those disappointed daddies gave, while ultimately failing due to the sissy's internal make up, is still ingrained in their femmy little sissy brain, so when your sissy performs admirably, as the one shown below did, her wife can apply the carrot technique and cheer her sissy's accomplishment by cheering, "Good Catch!"
There are many ways to get your sissy to perform.  The trick is finding the one that works best for yours.

What's Sexier Than Your Wife Wearing One Of Your Dress Shirts?

Saragirl just posted an interesting query.   Follow the link below:
While I quite agree with Saragirl's conclusion, it got me to thinking.  What else might be sexier than your wife wearing one of your dress shirts?
How about you wearing one of her peignoirs?

Which One Is The Sissy?

We know the answer to that one.
It's the one who requires instruction on the proper behavior for a sissy expected to fluff her Mistress' lover.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Does it seem as though this sissy is being coerced? 
Think again. Her little clitty is straining against the confines of its chastity cage.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

You've Heard Of Spiked High Heels?

Get a load of these!

The New Job

And I used to think being a secretary would be an easy job.  Just getting dressed to please my boss was more work than I realized it would be.  And this typewriter was the worst!  Most of the keys didn't work.  And he made me suck him off every time a letter was not perfect.  At this rate, I'd spend most of my day on my knees.  I should have treated the other girls better when I was the boss.

Pain? I Don't Think So!

Don't mistake her facial expression for pain.  It is anything but. 
That is the look a woman gets when she is experiencing pure, unadulterated, sexual bliss beyond the pale.  Something a sissy simply cannot deliver.