Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

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I received a phone call at work today.  My cheerleader called me to tell me that she had a surprise for me.  Her quarterback was coming for an impromptu visit to see her and to do some Christmas shopping.  And not simply for an overnight – he will be staying with us all week.  I was told that I would continue to go to work each day, but that I could expect to fulfill my role as their sissy during all other times, beginning tonight when I arrived home.  As I write this, by cheerleader and her quarterback are in bed for the evening.  Quarterback has instructed me to write up a post for the blog, before I go to bed, describing what happened after I got home from work.
My cheerleader and her quarterback were in the kitchen when I arrived home.  She was working at the kitchen sink preparing dinner, wearing only an apron and high heels, while he was standing behind her having his way, more or less, with her.  And by “having his way,” I mean he was fondling her breasts from behind and kissing her on her neck.  She seemed quite content to have him doing so as she worked.  They greeted me and asked how my day was.  I told them fine, and asked how theirs had been.  “We’ve been out shopping some,” my cheerleader told me.  “In fact, we bought you something.  It’s upstairs laid out on the guest bed.  Why don’t you go up and shower and I’ll be up in a few minutes to help you dress?”  I said, “Okay,” and left them alone to go get ready for whatever was about to come my way.
I entered our room and removed my work clothes and then turned on the shower.  I washed and shaved quickly, expecting that my cheerleader would be up soon.  Sure enough, as I stepped out she was entering the bathroom.  She came to me and gave me a warm hug and a kiss, smiling to let me know she was excited that her quarterback was there.  “Come on,” she said.  “Let me show what we bought for you today.”  She led me to the guest room, where I stay when a man visits my cheerleader.  Lying on the bed was a pink lace garterbelt with red hearts embroidered on it, pink stockings, and a pink satin bullet bra.  Also on the bed were my large “Big Girl” breast forms, my buttplug, my kitten tail, a pink ribbon collar with tiny silver bells sewn around it, some more ribbon with three shiny silver bells attached, and a very short, frilly and completely sheer babydoll.  My cheerleader watched my reaction to my outfit for the evening.  I could figure out everything except the three bells tied to the strips of pink ribbon.  My cheerleader spoke.  “Let me help you get dressed.  Tom is quite excited about what we’ve bought for you today.  In fact, he picked out everything.  Just for you sissy."
In short order, my cheerleader had me step into the garterbelt, and then helped me into my stockings and attached them for me.  She then held my bra up for me to slide my arms in the straps and fastened it behind me, leaning over to retrieve my breast forms to stuff inside the pointy bullet bra.  Next she had me bend over and she inserted my buttplug inside of me and connected my kitten tail.  Then, she picked up the three ribbons with bells on them and stooped in front of me and began tying them to my chastity cage, one on either side, and one in the middle, finishing off by tying a pink ribbon in a bow at the top of my cage.  She then slid the sheer babydoll over my head and snapped my collar on me.  Finally, she helped me step into my five inch pink high heels and put my kitten ears on me, and then clipped a pink ribbon leash onto my collar.  She was grinning from ear-to-ear as she looked at me, and then said, “Just one more thing and you’ll be ready.”  She then pulled out a tube of red lipstick from a pocket in her apron and coated my lips thoroughly.  “You’ll want your lips to be ready for Tom’s cock sissy,” she said as she carefully applied the lipstick. 
When she finished, she turned me to face the full-length mirror in the room and teased me using one of my blog recurring themes, “What do you think?  Too sissy?  Or not sissy enough?”  I was already feeling the humiliation factor rising.  I looked so sissy.  The babydoll concealed nothing.  I wore no panties, so my sissy clitty confined within its cage, fully adorned with pink ribbon and bells, was on display.  And the bells were going to be jingly jangling whenever I moved.  “Do I have to wear this?” I asked her, knowing full well the answer already.  She just laughed and held the leash up, “Come kitty.  Let’s go show Tom his pretty sissy.”
My cheerleader led me into the kitchen where quarterback was sitting at the bar drinking a glass of wine.  When I walked in, the ringing chimes of my bells on my neck and dangling between my legs, he turned to look at me, the expression on his face priceless.  “Oh my!” he said.  “Look at you!”  My cheerleader leaned in to my ear and whispered, “Curtsy sissy.”  Feeling naked and exposed more than I ever had been in front of one my cheerleader’s men, I obediently dipped into a full curtsy for her quarterback, the bells clinging as I did so.  He laughed loudly at me and I felt more humiliated than I ever had in front of him.  I know that probably sounds stupid to say, given my level of submission at this point, but I just felt so exposed.  But I didn’t know exposed yet.
Quarterback pulled my cheerleader in to his side, cupping her bare ass with his hand and kissed her full on the mouth, right in front of me.  And she gave him all that he wanted too, kissing him deeply.  He stood up from the bar and pointed to the floor.  “On your knees sissy,” he said.  “Time to get me ready to fuck your wife.  Right here.  Right now.”  I sank to the floor on my knees as he unzipped his jeans and let his pants drop to the floor, his thick and heavy cock now dangling in front of my face.  I could feel his and my cheerleader’s eyes on me as I reached up to hold his hot cock.  I was trembling with excitement.  Truth?  I had been fantasizing about sucking his cock ever since my cheerleader told me he was visiting us.  I love sucking quarterback’s dick.
I leaned in close and licked him, by cheerleader fascinated at how eagerly I submitted to quarterback’s command.  I opened my mouth wide and took him between my freshly painted red lips, secretly turned on that my cheerleader seemed to enjoy watching me suck her ex-husband’s cock, all to get him hard so he could fuck her in front of me.  After a few minutes quarterback grabbed my cheerleader and pushed her face down on the bar, her pussy up and ready for him.  He pulled out of my mouth and turned to her and pushed his cock between her wet lips.  She was so ready for him and I had a ringside seat to watch, until he told me to get behind him.  “Suck my balls sissy.  Take them all the way in your mouth and don’t let go while I fuck your wife.” 
I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I crawled behind quarterback and held his huge ballsack in my fingers and stuffed him inside of my mouth as he was pushing his cock deeper within my cheerleader.  He began sliding in and out of her.  In and out.  In and out.  In and out.  With each thrust she would moan and I’d do my best to keep his balls in my mouth.  Quarterback was grunting as he fucked my cheerleader.  It was one of the hottest things I’d ever done.  I could feel him the moment he began to fill her with his sperm.  She was moaning and crying out his name, telling him she loved his dick so much.  Loved being fucked by him.  Loved feeling his hot cum inside of her pussy.  I felt so small and submissive and insignificant as I heard her while I sucked on his balls.  He pushed deep within her and stopped, holding his cock tightly against her ass.  My mouth was drooling spit from sucking his balls.  Then, slowly, he began to withdraw.  As he did he said, “Get ready sissy.  I want you to suck it all out of your wife for us.  All of my sperm!  Understand cockslut?”  I let his balls slip from my mouth and said, “Yes sir,” as I moved to catch the first load of his cum as it poured out of my cheerleader’s pussy.  My cheerleader began grinding her pussy against my mouth, sighing as I sucked her ex-husband’s sperm out of her freshly fucked pussy.  When I finished, I sat back on my haunches, expecting to have to clean off quarterback’s cock.  I was not disappointed.  He pulled me to him and said, “Clean me off sissy.”  He slapped his cock against my cheek as I grabbed him to stuff him inside of my mouth, fully intending to try to make him hard again, but he only let me suck him until he was clean.  Then he made me stop so he and cheerleader could eat dinner together in the dining room.  I was made to eat alone, as the rest of the evening was reserved for them to be alone. 
And so, that is how my week is going to be.  And before anyone gets all ‘This is outrageous how you are being treated poor Leeanne!’?  Know this.  Despite being humiliated and feeling smaller and more insignificant than I ever have, I loved every single second.  I cannot explain it.  But there is something about being a submissive sissy for my wife and her ex-husband that gets me going.  I love it.  And I want them to know I love it.  And I want all of my friends and followers to know that I love it.

Sissy Has Been Trained to Comply With Non-Verbal Commands

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On the Job Training

No matter how hard she tried, sissy could never seem to get through an entire day as secretary to her wife’s boss without requiring some corrective measures.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Practice The Wriggle Sissies

Your wife loves watching you undress for her.
But don't forget.  She does this same thing for her real men.


Never underestimate the value of assuring your sissy that she has been a good girl...