Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Night Sissy Was Found Out

Until tonight, sissy's wife always hid her sissy inside of their armoire when she had lovers spend the night.  She wanted her sweet sissy husband to hear, and see through the crack in the door, as she received the sexual pleasure they both had learned on their wedding night that sissy could not bring her.  But something must have felt wrong this night as her wife's lover suddenly went to the armoire and swung the door open, revealing the pretty sissy husband as she hid waiting for the sexual escapades to begin.  Soon, sissy found herself on her knees sucking her first cock, preparing it for her wife's lover to enter her wife.  He called this act fluffing.  It was, as sissy told her wife later, the beginning of a most wonderful new chapter in their marriage.


  1. What an erotic way to introduce the sissy! Love it.


    sissy terri

  2. :)

    It's just too wonderful to be owned by such a gorgeous Wife...!

  3. It was well planned. I know all to well.