Monday, August 17, 2015

The Chosen Sissy

Sissy was taken by her wife to attend a very special party where many powerful people in the world of local business and politics liked to play.  It was sissy's wife's first such invitation and she was excited that she'd been invited to come, and to bring her sissy husband.  During the evening many guests paid attention to sissy, but one in particular seemed more than casually interested.  As she escorted sissy out of the main party room she saw the confusion in sissy's eyes as everyone in the room turned to watch them leave together.  That's when she told her, "Don't worry about them my sweet.  They're all just jealous it is you who is leaving with me rather than any of them.  And your wife will be well cared for tonight as well.  Now, come show me how well you can serve me."

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