Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eye Contact Is Important

When sissy’s wife is being fucked by her black studs, she always maintains eye contact with her sissy so she’ll understand exactly what is being done to her wife.


  1. Another good Eye Contact scene is when Mistress is pegging sissy, sissy can see him/herself in the submissive position and Mistress in the Dominant position.

  2. Happy Halloween! Looks like you are in for a dark and throbbing night!

  3. Eye contact between a cuckold and his Wife while she is being had by her Lover is essential to build the deep relationship between them both. Cuckold will see in her eyes the pure pleasure of the lust she enjoys, and she will see in his the humiliation that he learned to tolerate and now relish. And they will feel that much closer even though cuckold knows that a better man than he is enjoying his pretty Wife.