Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sissy Training Tip

Hand feeding your budding sissy is an excellent training tool.  Once you have her eating out of your town, you’ll literally have her eating out of your hand.


  1. ohhh se questo è il tirocinio di oggi mia maestra Leeanne voglio essere la prima per favore io adoro mettere bocca e soprattutto mani su cosi attrezzi così carnosi voluminosi lunghi caldi e stimolarli a donare il loro bollente denso bianco profumato saporito nettare sul nostro palmo di mano per poi assaggiarlo magari tutte insieme sulla punta della lingua...!! grazie amore baci baci baci...che magnifica mungitura !!

  2. Excellent tip Leeanne. Training your sissy to cum in his hand and eat it is the best way to move onto the next step of having him eat his own cum from Mistress's pussy. He will be s excited from this training that when the Mistress comes home with her lover's juices inside her the sissy will automatically kneel before her and lick her clean. What a good little sissy. Ms. Judi

  3. I love that idea. I only get to ejaculate once a week now and that would be a great way to consume my semen.