Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Clean House Conundrum

It’s difficult, sometimes, to get all of the housecleaning tools to stay put in the pantry before you close the door.  At times like that Mistress has to take extreme measures.


  1. Any more adventures between you and the Cheerleader since Mexico?

  2. Leeanne, have you heard any more from t? If you don't want to say anything here you can email me.

  3. It's uncanny.
    We were house hunting last week and, for one of the newbuild properties we visited, we were given a "Further Details" leaflet that included the following passage:
    "The hallway also provides imaginative under-the-stairs storage space for all your boots and shoes as well as your cleaning tools and products."

    Unfortunately, the details didn't include your photograph!