Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Just A "Little Kink"

Your wife had agreed that you could satisfy your “little kink” of wearing lingerie and dressing like a woman, playing like her maid when you returned home from work.  She’d also hinted that there would be other changes to your life as well.  But you hadn’t considered that you’d come home to work to find her with your best friend.


  1. What's gone on since Mexico?

  2. It wasn't my best friend but it was an eye-opener!!!
    Glad you're posting again but I'm still worried about you!!!
    Love and kisses

  3. Dear Leeanne,

    it's to bad that your blog is running down. Your storytelling was amazing. The content is one thing, but most important are the words you choosed, the color of explanation, the kind of finding words and how to explain your feelings, your outfits and your submission to Cheerleader and their men. So we were very exited to participate on the trip to mexico. It was colorful time, full of pain, excitement, humiliation, emberassing moments and fullfilled needs.

    Thank you for this. Your community hopes that the few stupid entrys of fake and other negativ comments doesn't effect you to much.

    Kisses Lady Sonja

  4. Have you ever noticed that anytime someone mentions Mexico this blog goes silent for a while? Or is it just me?