Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Sissy Watches

Sissy doesn’t actually always love to watch.  However, her wife requires her to watch sometimes, simply to remind sissy why it’s important for her to have real men for companionship.


  1. You know Leeanne....I really do love to watch her fuck a real man....I love to watch her face as he enters her....spreading her wider than I ever could....seeing the pure lust in her eyes as she feels the pleasures I can never give her.....then just watching a real man fuck....he's so masterful....he's not apologizing for cumming too soon....she's not asking him if he's in's like he's a different species from me....he's a man and I'm a sissy kneeling in the little bit trying to fill it's little cage.....I doubt he'd trade places with me for a million dollars....and I wouldn't trade with him either....we are what we are....
    Love and Kisses

  2. It is a gift for all three. And i am grateful to be the sissy in the corner.