Thursday, February 8, 2018

Morning Coffee Service

A common sight for me to witness when my cheerleader entertains a boyfriend at our home when she has instructed me to serve them coffee in bed come morning.  Such is the life of a sissy husband.


  1. Nice to hear from you Leeanne, as always.

    Is morning coffee served by a sissy maid? A sissy in lingerie? Or ... ?

    An interested party (smile)

  2. To serve a good morning coffee after a hot and fuckfull night is one of your chores as her maid. To please her boyfriend with a good long blowjob is one of the important things. So he can fuck your cheerleader again and you get a nice gift when he left the house. We hope your'e wearing nices womanclothes on a regular base now and high heels are the prefered kind of shoes for you to walk on. Makeup and a nice wig should be also a part of your sissy life. Yes, Leeanne we are proud of you.
    Looking forward for more nice details.

    Lady Sonja

  3. I know how that works so well. When my wife brings her BF home after a date I know when I hear them making love in the morning to start the coffee and wait for my wife to summon me. Then I bring them coffee in bed and take their order for breakfast. After serving them breakfast in bed I do my chores for the day. When they finish breakfast they put their dishes outside the door and make love some more.

  4. Bringing the coffee, kneeling and waiting to be of further service while a real man satisfies her....I know it well....and I love it!!!
    Love and kisses