Thursday, July 12, 2018

Be Careful What You Wish For Sissy

Sissy had brought up the idea of a threesome to her wife on several occasions, but her wife had been noncommittal.  Then, out of the blue one afternoon, sissy’s wife called and told her sissy husband to put on her prettiest maid’s uniform and to be prepared to have her fantasy fulfilled - she was agreeing to a threesome and was bringing someone home from her office to carry it off.  What sissy failed to understand that the participants in the threesome would not include her, except as a spectator and servant.  Sissy’s wife brought home her two immediate bosses and this is the result of the evening.  Later, after the men had filled sissy’s wife with their cum, sissy was permitted to cleanse her - with sissy’s mouth.  All in all, sissy’s wife concluded sissy’s idea for a threesome was an excellent idea that would be repeated in the future.  Often.

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