Monday, October 17, 2016

Sissy Belongs To Cheerleader

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It has been a little over a month since my ex discovered my sissy's blog and we busted her.  As you have been made privy to by my sissy, she has experienced some new things since then.  But then again, so have I.  I have been silent since I last contributed to her blog.  Don't take that to mean I have been unaware of what she has been posting, or what her readers have offered by way of observations.  I must say, I am finding this entire thing quite intriguing.  I thought maybe it was time for me to share a little more about my observations.  I'm also replying to the comments left by readers on my first post on my sissy's blog - Cheerleader Speaks. 
May I make a small confession?  This entire thing - accepting my husband as a sissy - growing together as I learned that I do, in fact, enjoy cuckolding her - has been complicated for me.   And please understand something else - even though I have pointed out how this all began when she dropped the bomb on me that she had these feminine thoughts and feelings swirling around inside of her - and how hard it was for me to accept that the man I married wasn't - I do realize that it hasn't been all that easy on my sissy either.  Take, for example, this most recent experience she was put through by me and my ex - the kitten treatment as I call it - you've, no doubt read her recounting of the weekend.  I was there with a front row seat.  That was a difficult weekend for her.  Now, here is the twist.  I thought it was going to be difficult for me too.  I had some idea what my ex had in mind.  I even tried to talk him out of it at first.  But he convinced me we should do it.  I've even wondered if he hasn't figured something out about my sissy that I had not seen before - her deep and dark desire to be treated in such a fashion.  But I digress.  I should let her speak to that.  What I am trying to say is that I found myself getting off on it.  Seeing her like that?  Crawling behind me on her leash?  Submitting to my man in such a humiliating way.  I mean, seeing her on her hands and knees as he led her from the den up to our bedroom, the entire time my sissy being expected to keep her mouth locked onto his cock?  It was beyond the pale of anything I'd seen her submit to previously.  And then, when she wrote about her weekend as our kitten?  The way she described her reaction to being called a cocksucker by my ex?  I just don't even know how to describe how it affected me.  I mean, yes.  She sucks cocks.  I have watched her do it countless times now.  And I do see that she enjoys it and is very, very good at it.  But no one has ever called her a cocksucker.  That sounds so, well, degrading.  Especially to call another man a cocksucker.  But the thing is, when my sissy is sucking cock, she isn't a man.  Not really.  She is all feminine.  And that is why she is so good at it, in my opinion.  But it hit me as I read her recounting the kitten experience - she liked being called a cocksucker by my ex.  For the first man who ever had me to be calling my husband a cocksucker is a turn on for my sissy.  And now?  I'm finding that I kind of like it also.  I like the aspect of humiliation more now than I have in the past.  And I'm just not sure where else I want to go with it.  But I think I want to go elsewhere with it.  My ex may have opened my eyes to something - some aspect of my relationship with my sissy - that I just couldn't see on my own - much like the way Andrea made me see how much of a mutual thing cuckolding her could be back in the early stages. 
I have not shared these thoughts with my sissy before giving her this to post.  She'll be posting it as soon as I email it to her, along with all of my responses to her readers' questions and comments to me.  I look forward to reading what sort of reaction her readers will have to my thoughts.  Will you think me too tough on her?  Too mean?  Too what?  I want to know.




  1. grazie amore sei sempre così eccitante con i tuoi scritti ed immagini che mi eccito sempre ogni volta che ti leggo ed ammiro !! grazie e baci baci baci

  2. Hi Ms Cheerleader
    Your Sweet Sissy husband s account of his kitten treatment over that weekend couldn't be clearer...she has a need for the humiliation, I know because I also have that deep craving!!! I think that you are both still in a growing relationship and after years of marriage you're still finding out new things about each other and I think that's wonderful!!!
    My only suggestion,,,,you can take it or leave to allow Leeanne an escape valve!!! Something as simple as a safe word to let you know that you've passed the point that she can handle at that point and she needs it to stop!!! I haven't used the safe word often in all the years we've been playing these games but I have used it on more than one occasion.....and she respects me enough to know that I need to stop whatever is happening....
    Whatever you wish to do it with love....respect each other....make each others happiness your priority and you can never go wrong!!!
    Thanks for sharing your perspectives!
    Love to you both

  3. Hi Cheerleader,
    Thankyou so much for this blog, and also for your response to earlier comments. You can obviously tell how much we all care about Leeannes welfare, and offer advice/comfort where we can.
    You obviously know how much Leeanne adores you and will do ANYTHING to keep you happy. I acknowledge how difficult it must have been for you when you found out that the man you married was not really a man.
    Cuckold relationships can be challenging and most do not survive - In some circumstances the cuckold gets too jealous, but mostly the woman forms an attachment to her lover that she has to take further.
    Andrea's help to you both was so important. Also one particular blog several years ago when Leeanne expressed her worry that you would leave her for Randall was very important. You reassured Leeanne of your love and total commitment to your marriage. You have kept to this and I applaud you Cheerleader.
    As you have read my earlier comments,you know I was nervous for Leeanne about rekindling your sexual relationship with Tom, due to your history, and shared children etc. However this seems to be working, especially as you are still seeing other men ( a good thing !) This is JUST a sexual thing, no more.
    The humiliation/dehumanisation does take this a stage further. 1 thing I learnt from that weekend - Leeanne seems to want and expect humiliation. What I was worried about was your attitude to your husband, not only as a cocksucking sissy, but as a pet animal. However at the end of the weekend, the "game" was over and you've clearly returned to your "normal" ideal marriage.
    In my view it is important for you and Leeanne to accept these weekends/liaisons as pleasant diversions. It is also important that both of you are reassured of the others devotion.

    Love always

    Tanya xxxx

  4. She does relish sucking cock, and being called a cocksucker is a badge of honor!! what they say, the bigger, the better ! I am a sissy and Love cock in my mouth and in my ass!! Bless you and this site!!

  5. Dar Cheerleader,

    Thank you for your post and the perspective it adds to Leanne's account of your remarkable journey together.

    Your concern that you are being too mean to Leanne reflects a deep compassion and caring for Leanne that is vital to your relationship. But if anything, you are "too" reluctant to accept Leanne's gift to you.

    Think of it this way. Your acceptance of Leanne's submissive nature is a priceless gift to Leanne, and her gratitude is self-evident. Yes, what she has experienced with you and your quarterback has been hard for her. but that is what makes her service so valuable. She is willing to extend herself for the sake of your pleasure. That is her gift to you.

    Toward the end of your account of Leanne's humiliation, you allow that you "kind of liked it." Yet reading what leads up to this rather tentative conclusion, I discern that you were deeply moved by her submission, but your are having trouble coming to terms with it -- with her being your cocksucker kitty.

    Yours is a process of accepting that submission, not all at once but in stages. If I might suggest, not only accept but embrace that submission. Your quarterback is leading the way. Follow him. Take the gift that is yours for the taking.

    Whether or not you find these observations helpful, please know that, as you have so graciously granted Leanne the privilege of serving you, and as I myself am devoted to the Noble Ideal service to women, I honor you.

    Noble Ideal

  6. Just wondering, does your ex have a blog/facebook/etc. where he posts his true thoughts about what he's doing in and to your relationship. I know how men like to brag (my ex did it to me) and they don't think anything about the other's who lives they are involved in. Again just curious to see what he's saying to others.

  7. Dear Cheerleader,

    i think the relationsship gets spice from it. She loves it and of course is a very good cocksucker like Tom said. What I'm missing is a good strap-on fuck for her kitten pussy. Maybe one day it will be fun. Tom can sit and watch with a drink how the Cheerleader is enjoying it to treat the kittens pussy with a hard one. Both boobs are moving from pounding the kitten. Sounds like fun.

    Your relationsship is funtastic. No boring fucking. There is some magic in it. Hold it, develop it and enjoy!

    Lady Sonja

    1. Dear Lady Sonja,

      Now there is an idea. I can almost see her now.

      Thank you,


  8. Dear Cheerleader
    You asked for responses as to whether we think you are being too mean or too tough on your sissy. Your entire relationship has developed as a journey of the two of you. So the ONLY one who can answer that question is Leeanne.

    The human psyche is a wide spectrum. What the vanilla world considers kinky is life to one living inside it. Leeanne had events in her childhood and / or in her genes that makes her feel comfortable being submissive and humiliated. That is the key; Leeanne feels comfortable with her status in life.

    As long as she communicates to you her true feelings and you respect those feelings, you cannot go too far.

    That said, I for one have a hard time crawling into Leeanne's head. I enjoyed the journey as he shared his forays into sissydom. But they seemed to be rooted with a conventional loving base. I felt your relationship was a game that you played and put away for periods at a time. Since you as a couple are no longer playing the game, but living the life, I have a hard time accepting Leeanne is being as truthful as he needs to be.

    I base my observations on his reactions to when he first was able to enjoy conjugal relations with you. His joy in being a man seems hard to suppress. And he shares that same joy after your accord. To give that up completely is hard for me to accept that he is truly happy with the current state of affairs.

    But that is just my reaction. I cannot crawl inside Leeanne's mind or yours. I cannot assume Leeanne is hiding his desire to please you as a husband. We have to take him at his word. It is just hard for me to accept.

    So, again, as to whether you are too mean or tough, you have to rely on your relationship with your husband who perhaps is now really your wasband.

    Please continue to share your journey. I find how the two of you relate to be the most interesting part of the tale.


    Billie Cee

  9. Dear Cheerleader and Leeanne, while both of you are enjoying this type of relationship (and we've been in similar relationships although it didn't include the submissive part) I do hope the two of you are setting aside an equal amount of time for just yourselves. And it should be equal. If quarterback is there for a three day weekend, you should have a three day weekend just for the two of you. Cheerleader, make sure Leeanne gets to spend the same amount of loving time with you, even if it is without sex. Believe me it's important and we didn't follow this advice at one time. We survived it but it did create some serious trouble for a while.

  10. Glad to see the two of you are back...and satisfied.


  11. Hi Cheerleader!
    I personally think that your relationship is alive, exciting and vibrant. You love 2 people and they both love you. With that as a starting place, it's obvious that your kitty weekend was a turn on for everyone involved. Everyone had a different perspective and reason but having the opportunity to explore fantasies like that with people you love and trust is a wonderful thing. I say move forward and enjoy / learn / love ��❤️

  12. Omg! Your description of the night is just amazing...i'm tenting my panties and leaking! ~sara

  13. i'm thinking Leanne is like me, a very submissive sissy who will try to do anything to please you. push her limits and use and degrade her as much as you want. I know that is what I would want