Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bikini Panties!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, at some point, after the disastrous day my mother and sister caught me dressed up all sissified in my mother's lingerie, I forgot how awful the beating was - no - that's not actually correct - I never forgot how awful that day was - I simply could not resist the pull.  I had to wear women's underwear.  I could not resist.  I've never been able to.  But, nonetheless, my mother's effort to "teach me not to be a sissy," didn't take.  Perhaps, if she'd caught me several more times, it may have taken.  But, thankfully, she didn't.  You know though, I often wonder if the beating she administered to me that day hurt her as much, if not more, than it hurt me.  My mother loved (loves) me.  I know it had to be an awful thing for her to find her only son dressed up in her lingerie.  I mean, picture the scene.  She walks in the house with my older sister in tow, and her nine year old son is flitting around wearing her DDD bra stuffed full, her dirty underwear, a girdle with stockings and heels for crying out loud!  How was she supposed to react?!  And I also wonder if, despite me thinking it was simply because I was always so much more careful to not get caught, the actual truth was that my mother decided to try not to catch me again.  Maybe she didn't want to have to beat me like that again?  Maybe she loved me so much that she decided that a little innocent, if perverted, exploration by her son wasn't the end of the world?  I don't know.  I'm just wondering.

But the point is, I eventually went back to my mother's dirty clothes hamper.  As a young boy, I would continue to dress up in as much of her clothing as I could find in her hamper, including slips and nylon nightgowns.  I feel so blessed that my mother grew up in the generation of women who bought in to the idea that nylon was the feminine lingerie fabric of choice, rather than cotton.  Cotton has its uses as a fabric to be sure, but for me, as a sexy material for lingerie - ugh!  

As I got older, so did my sister, who was five years older than me.  And as she got older, her girls lingerie transformed.  She and I shared a bathroom.  Thus, we shared a dirty clothes hamper.  Sooo, I was always checking it out as well.  One day I discovered something new and exciting - to me at least.  I discovered a pair of nylon, bikini styled panties, with a flowery design in the material.  Not all of the panties women wore were white?  Not all of the panties women wore were full-bottomed?  Oh my God!  I slipped them on.  The first thing I noticed about my sister's new panties was the way they pulled my little penis up tightly to my crotch.  Suddenly, I didn't need a girdle, or a feminine napkin holding my penis close to my crotch in order to create a feminine appearance in the front.  The snug fitting bikini style panties accomplished that goal!  And I loved the feeling of constriction!  

And so, a new chapter in my panty ways began.  Make no mistake, I didn't stop sneaking my mother's panties.  As I've mentioned, Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau will always be a staple in my panty collection.  (Speaking of panty collection, stand by for a posting in the near future when I share mine.)  But, I also enjoyed many years of wearing my sister's broad array of sexy panties that only a teenaged girl would have in her collection.  Or, so I thought at the time.  I mean, I know now that I was a sissy then.  But then, I didn't know what I know now.

And just so we are clear, the following are some illustrative examples of the variety of panties I was able to enjoy through my older sister.


Or, how about these?

Maybe these?

No?  Okay, then these?

Or, perhaps these?

Or these?


No?  Then, for a sissy, definitely - these!


  1. Yes, bikini panties!!
    I like the skull-n-crossbones and the last sissy panties (well, I like ALL of them!)

    1. Ha ha! You picked my favorites too!



    2. wow well i suppose that would be your 1st chance at showing how good yo0u could look as a sissy

  2. Your mothers initial beating when she caught you may have done the trick. You say you knew it was wrong. After that spanking you definately knew it was wrong (she confirmed it). It doesn't compute to me that a person has a genetic coding to wear a certain type of clothing. It also doesn't compute to me that it is wrong to cover your nakedness with one type of clothing and not another. This predisposition is connected to a perceived allbeit suconcious failure to cover. Covering but allowing the imagination to see. I almost bet that you saw your mother or sister in panties before you tuned into their naughtiness.

  3. Polka dots are my prissy passion and pansy poison! I must not be doing something right though. I can't wear bikinis. Whether I try tucking or riding high to one side, in fifteen seconds I've fallen though a leg-hole. I've stopped wasting my money and buy all my boy short panties in the juniors department.

    1. What sissy does not like polka dots? As for not being able to be contained, I would assume that you are not the usually not so well-endowed sissy we usually hear about. Hmmmm?

  4. Well in my fantasy world, I'm the only sissy who likes polka dots. It makes it easier to identify "which one is the sissy" cuz in my real world I go out of my way to wear polka dotted ties and socks. I also have a polka dotted cycling jersey that I get to wear loud and proud out on the road!