Monday, October 29, 2012

Three Way

For the longest time, whenever my wife asked me what my greatest fantasy sex situation was, I always told her I had always wondered what a three-way would be like.  Unfortunately, she never seemed interested.  Then, my wife began feminizing me and before long, I was her sissy husband.  Then, one night, while we were cuddling in bed, she whispered to me, asking, "Do you still fantasize a three-way baby?"  I couldn't believe she was finally considering it.  I told her that I was still very interested, despite our changed situation.  She told me she was ready for one too, and would arrange it for Friday night.  The only thing that set me back a little was her insistence that I be dressed as a French maid for the big event.  I was so excited that I would have done anything.  And so, that Friday I came home from work early and got ready for our three-way.
I was so excited for my wife to arrive home with the girl she selected to help us with our three-way.  You can imagine my shock and surprise when she arrived home and had brought with her, not another woman, but three studly black men.  It seems when my wife told me she was ready for a three-way, she had something altogether different in mind from what I imagined.

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  1. Oh my that's hot! Beyond hot, it's perfect! Love the uniform, so much frillier than mine. Would love to fluff and prep them all and cleanup would be sooo good. Now i have to dig my french maid's uniform out and get it ready for tommorrow.