Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Joey Received A Much Better Reception At The Sorority House Than The Frat House

Joey pledged the Kappa Sigma fraternity as a legacy, which was probably theonly way he would have been considered under normal circumstances.  Nonetheless, he had to go through the usual hazing routine.  And for Joey, the fraternity council required him to infiltrate the Zeta house in disguise as a woman.  One of the Kappa Sig Big Sister's helped him with his look.  And she did a very good job.  The only problem Joey has now is deciding whether to go through with becoming a member of Kappa Sig, or accepting his new invite to assume a special role for the Zeta girls.


  1. That's a no-brainer :). Zeta girls it is .. all the way.

  2. I agree Coleen, but why not have the pleasure of servicing a woman n men as well. But if one or the other/ go with being my true female self n pleasuring wimen with my tongue, as that's how I've always felt even when I had girlfriends in the past.