Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things Men Do That Sissies Don't


  1. sissies get to wear our OWN tight frilly training bras though...SO much more exciting and pee-pee stiffening....

  2. Real men do lots and lots of things sissies don't -- and vice-versa. Men and sissies are, simply, different -- more different than most folks imagine. Here's a little list:
    Men wear boxers -- sissies wear cute little panties.
    Men date women and have girlfriends -- sissies go shopping with girls who are their friends.
    Men watch the VS fashion show for the bodies -- sissies watch it for the fashion.
    Men stand when they pee -- sissies sit.
    Women are excited around big, virile men -- women are calm and collected around sissies.
    When a man sees a pretty woman undressed, he's about to have sex -- when a sissy sees a pretty woman undressed, he's about to help her get dressed for a date.
    When a man says he gonna "get into her pants" he means he's gonna have sex with her. When a sissy says the same thing -- he's actually gonna wear her cute, tight pants.
    A man has and wants to have a big one -- most sissies dream of having even smaller ones than they have -- so their panties fit better.
    When man does five minutes of housework, he gets lots of credit -- when a sissy spends all weekend doing housework, it's "just what the little dears are meant to do."
    Anyway, men are men and sissies are sissies -- the differences are enormous.