Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Tease A Sissy


  1. Leeanne,

    Was your tongue wagging and were you drooling when you found this photo? Based on all the things I've read on your blog and Sara's, I'm taking a little leap of faith here. I think you sissies enjoy licking up cum filled pussy?

    This particular photo is even more inviting to you ladies because that cum is just rolling right over that tight little asshole and I sense you like licking those too?

    Now I'll be honest about me, as a subbie, if this were a tranny's cock & cum.....I'd be all over it. I'd start by icking that tight ass, then work my way to Mistress' pussy. For me, I'd finish the clean up, by sucking that big tranny cock and making sure, it's nice and clean before I put it back in her panties!

    Leeanne, do you think you and your Mistress would enjoy having a subbie (clean up boy) like me? It's really difficult for me because I love trannys, but I also love women. Add to that the fact I'm a subbie, and my chances of fidning playmates is so so hard! I sometimes feel like I'm alone on an island.

    I would love to hear if there are ladies, trannys, sissies; who think a subbie could fit in nicely with their paly time?