Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Which One Is The Sissy?


  1. I love these quizzes, Leeanne. I wonder if it matters, as they both look so hot wearing only panties

  2. I don't know sweetie but with my wife she's always concerned about how her ass looks in things, she's always doing that over-the-shoulder look in mirrors! Me I'm more concerned with keeping the front as smooth as possible, watching out for those unsightly bulges. Well bulges is a little strong perhaps I should say bumps....anyway all that considered I would guess that the one on the right is the Sissy.
    Sending you love and kisses for Christmas Dreamgirl

  3. I agree with Sharon, These are fun.
    But this time both pictures are of the same person (check the Jaw Line)
    and I will Guess, she is female.

    Merry Christmas All

  4. Leeanne,

    I realized both are the same person BUT, if I were to judge this based on the photos, I would say the one on the left. Two reasosn:

    The photo on the right is way to flat in the front.....even for a sissy.
    The one on the left is really trying to show off her ass, even by rolling the panties up so her cheeks show. WE all know you sissies want us looking at your cute little asses, so I think she is the sissy.


  5. Hi Leeanne
    I agree with Karen
    Merry Christmas

  6. Leeanne, much love and joy to you on Christmas!

    Love and Kisses

  7. As I stated to Kaaren sissy earlier. Does it really matter, as T/they are both happy n content in T/their own rights.

    I can't help but want n need, rather crave my flower within me to grow n flourish. Aroused n happy at the thought of it all really.

    Even when I'm under duress n stress n knowing I should deleat everything I find myself totally aroused n content n nothing happens or gets done, as if I'm powerless n passive. I even stopped my hormones the other day in hopes of finding release/ just for a few days, as I can't seem to even cum anymore. Not that cumming would mean anything as I only smear it on my face n lick it off in ecstasy anymore when I do get to cum. Which is like going on 8 weeks now:((

    Sorry for venting as I have very few friends these days, as even my bigoted transexual friends have told me I'm changing. Like oh ya, they are the perfect ones to talk. Giggles

    I'm venting n I truly apologize.

    Someone wants a kontract signed for whom is into totally outing n outing is something I've never understood n yet I can't help but feel an obligation is somehow due on my behalf to Her. Superior Women will always be above me. N yet I can't help but have cock on my mind like a constant or the desires of being pimped out run rampant in what's left of my mind.

    As for Kaaren sissy, I'm sorry google booted you/ I was booted two times n had to keep changing my names around. That's how I ended up with sissiestaci on tumblr n staci Pennell/ Cindy rokz/ Cindy Meyers / staci Meyers / google police are probably worse than getting a letter from the IRS. They are brutal.

    As for Leeanne Montgomery, love your blog as well as love that we are friends on fetlife.com , for whom I'm stacirenea there. Ms Sharon Lawson I so miss chatting but love You as well as Anom Aly just the same.

    Hugs to everyone n thankYou A/all for just being Y/you