Thursday, February 20, 2014

It Wasn't Always Thus

The first few times Sissy's wife "had" her in this way, Sissy's reaction was mixed - a combination of anxiety, pain, and uncertain submission.  As you can see below, Sissy's enthusiasm now abounds.


  1. Now that's a pounding!!!

  2. Looking into her eyes as she penetrates was so humiliating that first time. Her little grin...was she laughing at me? Did she really just think this was silly? Is this what I really want? Is this what she really wants?
    It wasn't until after when she told me she loved to see my face as she fucked me! That watching my eyes as she thrust in and out of me was almost as good as her strap-on hitting her clit!
    Now I look forward to it and when she puts me on my belly, although I love that too, I'm a little disappointed!

    Another glimpse into my Sissy mind!!!

    Love and Sissy Kisses!!!

  3. just this Sunday, Mistress wanted my ass and did not give me anytime to prepare myself with a plug. We did use lube but her first thrust of her strapon was really uncomfortable and her pounding was relentless. Afterwards she said she was teaching me another valuable lesson about foreplay. She is teaching me so much.