Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Such A Cute, Well Groomed Sissy

Don't you agree?


  1. As you always say Leeanne....Oh my!

  2. YOU are lovely, though YOU do not have a sissy clittie cock but a real mans cock.
    My MASTER WIFE also wants to keep me in the house closet

  3. Very pretty sissy - but i would remove the rest of that pubic hair. Congratulations to her on her lovely breasts and nipples.

  4. very nice, she is beautiful just the way she is. I do agree!!

  5. Leeanne,

    She's more than cute, she's freakin adorable. As a subbie I think her grooming is perfect. Many ladies remove all of their hair, but there is something exrtremely submissive about sucking a cock with a little landing strip, or racing stripe.

    When you feel the tiny hairs tickling your nose, it kind of reminds you exactly what you are....................................a cocksucker!

    If your lady has been hard at work, in her silky panites, the hair also holds in her scent, and everyone knows I am a sucker for scents.

    Finally sometimes you end up with a loose hair on your cheeks, up your nose, or in your mouth, and again it reminds you of what you are or what you did.

    Combine all of that with the taste of cum in your mouth and your know you are nothing but a cheap, slutty, little cocksucker......and you love every minute of being one!


  6. Every comment thus far is right on spot.She looks DELICIOUS!