Saturday, March 22, 2014

The First Time

Sissy Leeanne still remembered the first time she met Sissy Kaaren.  Sure, she'd noticed her in the classes they shared in common during their first semester at the Vera Wang Institute for Male Modification, a/k/a "Sissy School," and admired the confidence Kaaren demonstrated as they underwent their initial transformation according to their respective wives' instructions.  But Sissy Leeanne was shy, and never thought the sexy Sissy Kaaren even noticed her.  But then, one night while studying late in the library, reading about cocksucking theory, Sissy Kaaren approached her, and soon Sissy Leeanne found herself under Sissy Kaaren's spell in the remote stacks of the library.  And what a spell it was!


  1. I see you were reading about theory sweet little Leeanne, theory is OK but let's slip into the stacks for some practical experience! You first then me.....

  2. Ladys, I wish you had worked your way over to the subbie section because I had spotted both of you naked in the aisle, and I went, got on my knees HOPING, you would round that corner????

    I stayed on my knees for an hour but you never came down that aisle, so I had to go to a TS Club, and get on my knees in the bathroom. Those ladys were a lot of fun, and before the night ended, I was doing a one subbie show on the dance floor.

    I think I drank a gallon that night, but I still regret not meeting the 2 sexy sissys from the cocksucking aisle!