Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Turns Out She Does

For years sissy's wife didn't seem interested in sucking cock.  And yet, here she was, sucking like a pornstar.  Later she told you she'd never been properly motivated before.


  1. My wife would never go down on me, ever, during our first 10 years of marriage, and I was sure it was because I have a very tiny penis and am usually super soft and flaccid. Then in 2003 she got really interested in sissifying me, I agreed, and we started slowly, but kept adding more and more every few months as she read more magazine and online articles. Who could have ever guessed, but once we got to the place where I was completely dressed in panties, bra, lace-top thigh-highs, flats, full-slip, blouse + skirt or dress, jewelry, make-up, perfume, and with my hair styled like a woman's, my wife as all of a sudden very interested in going down on me. She really gets into it over top of whatever panties I have on, as I'm still very small, soft/flaccid, so she loves licking and kissing outside my panties, and then finding my little nob and then really sucking on it very hard so she has a mouthful of panty + penis. The fun now is in trying all kinds of mesh, stretch lace, real silk, ultra-sheer nylon panty styles that she gets completely soaked and see-through. She always asks me to make sounds like a woman getting her labia and clit kissed and licked and sucked on, and the more I do that, the more intense she pulls and sucks on me thru the panties' fabric. She also wants me to tell her out loud, over-and-over again: "I'm a woman and I love it when you go down on my soft, warm, wet vagina". And she always wants me to climax in her mouth also thru the panties, and I do. Then right after, she wants me to do the exact same going down on her, over and thru her panties, and it's very fun/exciting for me to do so when I'm completely dressed as a woman.

    1. Dear Cathy,

      Wow! What a story! I think I'd have to say that you are a very lucky sissy that your wife found that the more feminine you became, the more attracted to you she became sexually. Although it is not surprising that she only became so drawn to you in your feminine persona. I wonder though, has she brought a man into the relationship yet? It seems that she would want that kind of satisfaction that you are not able to provide to her. Thanks for sharing and I hope to read more about you in the future.



  2. Leeanne...honestly...one cocksucking sissy to another....can you blame her?