Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oops! Sissy Went Too Far. She's Gonna Get In Trooouuublllle!


  1. But sometimes it's sooooo worth it!!!!!

  2. Leeanne & Kaaren,

    I know when my lady tells me she's going to cum, I can't help it I have to shove her cock in my mouth. Like Kaaren said, it's so worth it. I know they tell me as a warning so I won't put it in my mouth, but it has the exact opposite impact on me.

    I have to put it in my mouth so I can feel and taste that "explosion of flavor"! Isn't it a fantastic felling when that cock is throbbing in your mouth and pumping those final drops? I like to keep it in my mouth, until it goes soft and then I take one long, last suck.