Sunday, September 14, 2014

Normally, When I Post Something LIke This, I'd Ask, "Which One Is The Sissy?"

But this is just a typical day after classes let out at the Vera Wang Institute for Male Modification, a/k/a "Sissy School."  So, which one is Kaaren and which one is Leeanne?


  1. I see you, when the sissies split to the sides there you are in the center! If you look quickly you'll see me right behind you looking at your sweet bottom!!!

  2. I would like to write about my favorite salon. It took awhile to find them. Many salons do not care to perform feminine procedures on men. I guess they think we are perverts.

    This salon is accepting, understanding and accommodating. I asked the woman who did my waxing about their acceptance . She told me the owners discussed giving male clients what are usually considered female services. They decided a customer is a customer and as long as the man is courteous and respectful of the staff they will do whatever the client wishes.

    I asked her about my coming to my appointment in a dress. She told me it is just clothes, women wear men's clothes all the time and that society needs to lighten up about men with feminine tendencies.

    We love going there and make it a part of a full date once a month.

  3. How about "Which one is the cuckold?"