Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Sissy? As If You Had No Idea I Would Love It So Much? Perhaps You Should Not Have Nagged Me So Relentlessly To Try Black Cock.


  1. And now the sissy is probably jealous!


    sissy terri

  2. Jealous...yes! Envious absolutely!!!!!!

  3. Oh please... not again, Leeanne.

    I heard Joan Baez (now in her 74th year) being interviewed on BBC Radio just yesterday. And she ventured the opinion that, despite the supposed watershed marked by the famous speech of Martin Luther King and the subsequent changes in the law, and despite the election of a black man as the current President of the United States of America, in her opinion American society is still shamefully endemically racist.

    I find myself having to agree with her; and posts like this simply go to reinforce her point.

    I could have forgiven the odd lapse, but you are becoming ever more obsessive. Just to cite four of your recent post headings:

    This Wife Can't Hide Her Pride At Carrying Her Lover's Black Baby

    "What Do You Think Sissy? Will Our Son Grow Up To Have A Big Cock Like Tyrone?"

    "Of Course I'm Still Fucking Him Sissy! What Did You Think Would Happen Once I Experienced His Big Black Cock? And Yes! I Do Still Expect You To Clean His Cum Out Of My Pussy! Now Get Ready To Lick!"

    Do You Understand Now?
    My wife had been trying to explain to me why she needed a black cock. Now, as she pleasured her co-worker's cock, she asked me if I finally understood why she felt the way she did.
    And yes, I do get it now.

    And if you want to remind yourself of the many, many more, just try scanning through your posts in, say, March and April of this year.

    This particular form of sexo-racial bigotry is not (yet) especially common in Britain. But I fear that, given our predilection to eventually follow all things American, it will become more prevalent in the not too distant future, especially if promoted by the rise and rise of pornography on the internet.

    It has just occurred to me, that you might interpret the comments above as an argument for excluding any mention of black men in your posts. Not so - that would simply be reverse racism. I'm arguing for colour-blindness, and an avoidance of the crass stereotyping that a perpetration of the mandingo myth encourages.

    Please tell me that a Mandingo party is NOT where you are planning on taking the life-tale of you and your Cheerleader.

    Quote from the Urban Dictionary:
    Mandingo Party
    A mandingo party is an interracial orgy arranged for single black men (called bulls) to have sex with or gangbang white wives or daughters in front of their white husbands or fathers (called cucks).
    Participants argue that interracial cuckolding is a by-product of multiculturalism and tolerance. But bigotry — and a dose of white guilt — lie at the heart of any racialized fetish: black men, despite their "superior" sexual prowess, are debased and eroticized, and believed to pose less of a threat because the wives would supposedly never date them.
    Mandingo cuckoldry is a recurring theme in pornography and psychology.
    A male with latent bisexual or gay tendencies may be unwilling to have sex with a man, but can concede to watching his woman in the act and vicariously experience it through her.
    Many white men download Mandingo Party porn for it's misogynistic elements.

    Regards Marcia

    1. Oh my God!
      The casual charge of racism is all too common in today's society, usually tossed out by someone from the permanently aggrieved liberal class!
      The USA may still have racism but we have made tremendous strides in race relations over the last 50 years! In fact I would honestly say we are a generation or two away from a society that sees no difference between us all!
      If you rely solely on the media you are sorely misinformed about America and I feel sorry that you just don't get us!
      We are trying, despite the actions of extremists on both sides of the race issue, to become one big happy family!
      When I regularly see interracial couples on the street and in the media I know that taboos are breaking down and that people are seen as people!
      The media sees ratings in conflict and so plays up any black vs. white dispute as racism! Regardless of the argument or who's right or wrong it's racism!
      Now on to your specific point....big black cocks! I love them!!! I'm pretty sure most sissies do too! I also love big white ones and brown ones too!` Red, yellow, black, brown, white I love them all and if I can be accused of any kind of "ism" it would perhaps be "sizism"!
      It's a simple fact that many black men are particularly well endowed! If European men had evolved in a tropical zone instead of the colder climates they might share this delightful trait but sadly most don't!
      Doesn't the idea of a Sissy taking a big cock, regardless of race, into her body orally or anally, seem to negate the idea of racism?
      You seem to me to be the one looking for racism where none exists! When one points out that they have no racial bias you bend over backwards to find something that agrees with your point of view! I have often thought that the worst racists are those that see everything through the prism of race first!
      Mandingo Porn! Are you kidding me! How many men download lesbian porn? Is that misogynist too? Or threesomes. or bisex men or bd/sm, or just plain vanilla male/female. Which porn do you think isn't misogynist?
      Hey Marcia! Lighten up We're all just having a little fun mixed with a little truth here!
      That's just my 2 cents!!!
      Sorry to use your blog as a soapbox sweet Leeanne!

    2. Dear Marcia and Kaaren,

      No offense taken in any way. I appreciate each point of view expressed. Kaaren makes excellent points about the subject from an American perspective, especially from the standpoint of how the media tends to make race an issue in conflicts that are only, coincidentally, between black and white people. Like Kaaren, I see race becoming a non-issue for most Americans. It long has been a non-issue for me. I was in front of the issue as a college student (many years ago), and frequently spoke out about it in a truthful manner that drew respect from blacks and whites alike, because my words rang true.

      On the other hand, I get what Marcia is saying about the stereotypes inherent in portraying the black male as a strong "breeder," and confess that, as a sissy, I am turned on by such a fantasy. But that is all that it is for me - a fantasy. My blog is a combination of fantasy and real life, so I apologize whenever my fantasy posts offend anyone. I don't mean to do so. I promise you Marcia, there are no Mandingo parties in my personal life story. Somehow, I don't think my cheerleader would be receptive.

      Thank you each for your insights, and especially for you stepping in to my defense sweet love Kaaren.



    3. Nobody messes with my sweet Leeanne without going through me first! It just got my panties in a bunch!
      Maybe I should have gone into law?
      Sweet sissy kisses

    4. It was very well said sweet girl. And I was truly touched that you went to such effort in my defense. Sorry about your panties. Want a pair of mine?

    5. Want a pair of yours!!!! I could use them right now these suddenly got a little damp!!!!