Monday, October 20, 2014

"If You Can Guess Who It Is, I Might Release You From Your Chastity Cage Tonight Sissy."

That was a pretty good bet for sissy's wife to make.  Sissy would never guess she was sucking her own brother's cock.


  1. Leeanne, I love the way you think! This is a game I've wanted to play for years. I always though it would be fun to have 2-4 t-girls lying on a bed, completely covered, except for their cocks. Then I look, touch and suck each cock, trying to,figure what the lady would look like.

    After a long, long, long period of sampling, the ladies would dress, and then I'd have to place lady to cock. The reward would be, for everyone I got correct, I would have the pleasure of sucking that lady until she exploded in my mouth.

    Of course, I would have to do this with all the ladies watching me!

    I also thought I could play this game with their feet. The difference would be that I would be blindfold, and I'd have to figure it out by the scent, taste and tongue feel.

    I'd love to play these games with you and Kaaren for the enjoyment of your Mistresses. Ha, ha, I think we'd get some enjoyment as well!


  2. Very kinky Leeanne!!! Playing a guessing game like this could be a very "welcumed challenge!"


    sissy terri

    1. Yes. A challenge all sissies would like to "meat."

  3. A special way to suck a cock - using my mouth to search for clues, exploring with special interest every inch, listening for audible hints, straining in my cage. A sissy in every way. Needing to try again and again.

  4. Oh my Leeanne, how dark and twisted! Her own brother! How wrong.....How HOT is that!!!!!