Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sissy Understands Her Responsibility When Her Mistress Assumes This Position


  1. Yesss, I know full well that my Mistresses want me to lick them & they will tell me when to stop.It's just to bad that the 2 Mistresses that I live with 24/7 are lesbian lovers. But, fortunely for me they sometimes invite their female friends over. And, sometimes they bring their boyfriends/husbands over as well. That's when I get to clean a creampie or maybe even get to suck on a hard cock to enjoy a thick load of tasty cum being shot into my hungry mouth. I am so happy and I am a greatful sissy for my 2 Mistresses.

  2. This feels so right to me Leeanne. Like being drawn to a magnet.